Next to a Manhattan, a dirty martini is one of those cocktail bar orders that just makes you feel truly *fancy.* The unique, savory mixture traditionally combines gin or vodka with dry vermouth and olive brine. Often, it's garnished with the likes of stuffed olives, citrus peels, or even pickles. (In fact, you can even swap olive brine for pickle brine if you want a dill-icious twist on the beverage.) While the dirty martini's origin story dates back to 1901, the classic cocktail is really having a moment in 2024 when it comes to the foodie world. After all, Copinette in New York City is serving up dirty martini sundaes — The Talentini. Plus, TikTok food creators are crafting olive-centric pasta dishes and snack plates inspired by the drink. If you're a true fan of the cocktail, you have to try out these dirty martini-inspired food recipes. 

1. Dirty Martini Fettuccine 

Have dinner with a dirty martini in your glass and on your plate. This "Dirty Martini Fettuccine Pasta" from creator Ellie Teale is super easy to make and comes together fast for a protein-packed weeknight dinner. If you do want to add some gin or vodka flavors to your sauce, look no further than Emily Eggers' pasta recipe

2. Dirty Martini Dip

Hosting a cocktail party? Impress your guests with your bartending skills and your dip-making abilities. This "Dirty Martini Dip" from Meg Quinn is delightfully creamy and cheesy, with just a touch of boozy flavor. Top with olives and serve with your favorite crackers, pretzels, or crusty bread, and you're golden.

3. Dirty Martini Salsa Verde

Speaking of dips, TikTok user @jennys__table made a vibrant "Dirty Martini Salsa Verde" and served it over steak and fries. This fresh, easy-to-make salsa adds a pop of freshness to entrees or goes great with tortilla chips. 

4. Dirty Martini Pasta Salad

Who knew you could bring your dirty martini to a park picnic? TikTok user @grilledcheesesocial concocted a delicious "Dirty Martini Pasta Salad" recipe that is perfect for all of your upcoming summer outdoor gatherings. The pops of lemon and olive make the ideal bite. 

5. Dirty Martini Chips

TikTok user Katie Short went super viral this winter for sharing her perfect snack, the "Dirty Martini Chip." This is the ultimate "perfect bite" that combines a salt and vinegar potato chip, topped with a blue cheese crumble, and a green olive. This snack went so viral, that even Pringles got in on the fun. 

6. Dirty Martini Charcuterie Board

If you are a fan of the chip above, you'll love this "Dirty Martini Board" posted by Katie Kelly. Here, she adds different kinds of olives, as well as pickles, cheese, chips, salami, and caviar to a board. Of course, you can add whichever cheese, cracker/chip, etc. you like. The TikTok user also notes that this can make a cool DIY martini garnish board, too.