Crumbl Cookies took to Instagram with an announcement that will delight your taste buds all summer long. On Monday, Crumbl announced the beloved mini cookies will now be available every day of the week for the rest of the summer. This is great news for cookie lovers everywhere, as you can now enjoy the sweet and delicious flavor of Crumbl cookies in just a bite.

What are Crumbl mini cookies?

Crumbl announced Mini Mondays in April, introducing its highly anticipated mini cookies on Instagram. These bite-sized delights are about a third of the size of a regular Crumbl cookie. The smaller size makes them perfect for those who want to enjoy the flavor options without committing to the full-sized treat. Although Crumbl is known for its large, almost cake-like cookies, fans were thrilled when this smaller option was added to the menu. The mini cookies are a more manageable portion, and now customers can order them any day of the week.

Crumbl has built its reputation on its weekly flavor rotations, keeping customers anticipating each Monday’s new lineup. The flavors also repeat, so if you find one you love, there may be a chance it will come back in the following weeks. This week’s flavors are cake batter, peanut butter chocolate chip, strawberry milk, ft. Proline, salted caramel cheesecake, Rocky Road, and the beloved classic semi-sweet chocolate chunk.

The mini size is especially convenient for those who are adventurous enough to try all the weekly flavors. With the minis, you can sample every flavor without feeling guilty if you don't like one. All the weekly flavors will be available in mini size while supplies last.

How much are the Crumbl mini cookies?

Whether you're craving a small sweet treat or a variety of bite-size delights, the mini cookies are available in multiple sizes, with the three-pack selling for $9.99. Although this may seem pricey for a bite-sized cookie, the minis are more bang for your buck if you are looking to try more flavors than the regular pack.

So why wait? Head to Crumbl and test out the mini cookies before they are gone.