It's easy to be obsessed with Pillsbury's seasonal sugar cookies. After all, they are easy to make, are soft and chewy, and come with the cutest and most iconic shapes in the middle. From the fall football, Thanksgiving turkey, and Snoopy shapes to the Christmas tree, reindeer, and snowman outlines, all the way to the specialty Lisa Frank and Pokémon options, there is truly a cookie for every occasion. Perhaps one of the most iconic and celebrated shapes is the Pillsbury Halloween cookies with ghosts and pumpkins.

Frankly, IMHO, the true start of the Halloween season is marked by the appearance of the little purple and orange boxes with these sugar cookies.

Fans of the treat have been seeing more than just single boxes lining the refrigerated section shelves recently, and they've taken to TikTok to show it off. 

Where can I get big packs of Pillsbury Halloween cookies?

According to TikTok, Costco shoppers in Canada have started to come across packs of 60 Pillsbury Halloween cookies. The packs come with 20 ghosts and 40 pumpkins, retailing for $10.99 CAD. 

Basically, Costco shoppers in the U.S. are crying that this isn't available in their stores. However, according to the Pillsbury U.S. website, the brand offers 72-count ghost and pumpkin cookies in certain stores. You can check the store locator to see if these are available near you. If all else fails, there's no shame in loading up your cart with all the individual cookie boxes available at your store for around $4.

Photo via Pillsbury

Additionally, across both countries, Pillsbury is offering a recipe to upgrade your cookies by making a cookie sandwich. Simply bake your dough, sandwich frosting between two cooled cookies, and roll the outer frosting layer over sprinkles. 

Photo via Pillsbury

What other Halloween items are at United States Costco stores?

Fortunately for U.S. shoppers, there are tons of amazing Halloween options currently available. According to Instagram user @disneysweetstuff, Costco is currently selling items including a haunted house building kit, a Halloween cookie kit, eyeball hot chocolate bombs, and more. 

Other fun treats include Monster Mash fruit snacks themed after the Monster cereals including Count Chocula and Boo Berry. Plus, if you're a decor lover, the store is selling tall witches and skeletons, perfect for outdoor use. 

Halloween lovers, beware, however, because Costco is already putting out their holiday and Christmas items for the end of the year, too. Grab your spooky goodies while you can.