This is for you sauce hoarders with a kitchen drawer dedicated to ketchup packets and a fridge door bursting with mayo packets. Finally, your time has come. You can emerge from the shadows and claim your reward. What is my reward, you ask? Well, if you can collect the entire Saucemerica Packet Collection, all 50 of Heinz’s state-themed packets, you could win up to $100,000.

Just like state coins, Heinz is releasing a sauce packet to represent each state. On the Mississippi packet, there’s the iconic Slugburger, the Rhode Island packet has fried clams, and on the Nebraska packet, there’s onion rings. The sauce type depends on the food that Heinz chose to represent each state. Naturally, the Slugburger pairs best with yellow mustard, fried claims drip delicious in tartar sauce, and onion rings cannot exist without ketchup.

You can find these adorable sauce packets at any chain restaurant, amusement park, or cafeteria that serves Heinz. For instance, if you’re at a Buffalo Bills game, check the concession stands. Or, head to your nearest McDonald’s and scour their sauce station. Given the number of partnerships Heinz maintains across the United States, even your most far flung cousins can get in on the action.

To enter, just take photos of each Saucemerica packet you collect and upload them to the Saucemerica website. For instance, if you grab a packet of Heinz Ranch and it’s got a glorious cluster of cheese curds decorating the front under the word Wisconsin, you’ve got yourself the start of a beautiful collection (As a Wisconsinite, I’m not biased at all). Depending on the number of packets you collect and the photos you upload, you could win anywhere from a $500 prize to a $100,000 prize. Remember, Heinz will give every photo a thorough background check, so don’t try any funny business. Remember that you must be 18 or older to enter and, unfortunately, the giveaway ends on August 31. Get those packets fast!

In addition to collecting the themed sauce packets, there are also games on the Saucemerica website that, when played daily, can provide a whole host of sensational prizes from Heinz branded gear to restaurant, hotel, and gas gift cards. Good luck and may the odds be ever in my favor.