Imagine slicing into what looks like a perfectly roasted turkey, only to discover it's actually ice cream — a great scenario BTW. This Thanksgiving, prepare for a delightful surprise as Baskin-Robbins brings back its beloved Turkey Cake. Why settle for a typical pumpkin pie when you can surprise your guests with a Turkey Cake? Whether you’re hosting a big family dinner or a casual Friendsgiving, dessert is accounted for.

What’s Baskin-Robbins’ Turkey Cake?

The fan-favorite is designed to mimic a perfectly roasted turkey. The “turkey” is filled with any ice cream flavor you like, sugar cones as the turkey legs, and a caramel praline glaze. It's an imaginative and playful twist on the traditional Thanksgiving centerpiece, dare I say, even better?

The design is beautiful. It’s like if you asked AI to create a turkey for you. That’s what the Baskin-Robbins’ turkey ice cream cake looks like. The outside is just shiny and glossy enough to throw you off but if you squint hard, it looks like a real turkey. Need some help carving it? The ice cream chain wrote a whole guide on its website just for that.

This is a limited-time offer that customers can pre-order online for $45.

It doesn’t just end there. For those looking to add even more variety to their Thanksgiving dessert selection, Baskin-Robbins also introduced its new Flavor of the Month, Turkey Day Fixin's. This month’s flavor combines sweet potato and autumn spice flavors with honey cornbread pieces and cranberry sauce swirls, capturing the essence of Thanksgiving side dishes in every scoop. Want to really impress your friends? Get the Turkey Cake filled with the Turkey Day Fixin’s ice cream.

Like the Turkey Cake, this flavor is also limited, so make sure to catch them at Baskin Robbins before they fall away with the autumn leaves.