Getting a daily intake of vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients that help the body perform hundreds of functions. For example, the vitamin A in carrots is good for your eyes and the calcium in spinach can help keep your bones and teeth healthy (the cartoon character Popeye had a point always carrying spinach around). However, sometimes getting all those necessary vitamins and minerals is a bit hard to do from diet alone, hence the need for multivitamins and supplements. These can come in the form of pills or gummies that have vitamins and minerals at the relatively low levels that the body normally requires. One of the most talked about supplements on social media is Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s Lemme supplements. Launched in September 2022, the eldest sister of the famous family released a line of vitamin and botanical supplements targeting a variety of health and wellness goals: women’s health, energy, beauty, metabolism, sleep, and mood. 

What is Lemme?

In short, it’s a line of supplements — in capsule, gummy, and tincture forms — for mind, energy, and metabolism. The bottles are a lilac color with a fun font to showcase the clever names of each supplement. The naming of the products is one of the best things using the name of the line “lemme” as slang for “let me.” 

“Wellness should be delicious,” the website states. “Clinically-backed ingredients formulated to become a divine part of your everyday life.”

There are currently 14 products that offer a mix of benefits, from getting to sleep faster and helping to burn belly fat to balancing vaginal health, odor, taste, and debloating. 

Customers can subscribe to their favorite supplements and build their own bundles aside from the bundles already offered. 

The pros and cons of Lemme supplements

The common denominator of each Lemme product is phrases such as “scientifically formulated” and “clinically-studied” used to describe the supplements. In fact, Lemme’s homepage is titled, “lemme get real results,” with the subheader being, “With clinically-studied ingredients backed by science.”

I reached out to Lemme support inquiring about the basis of their studies, and as of the publication of this piece, Lemme has not responded. To get some answers on these claims, we chatted with Jen Scheinman, MS, RDN, CDN and owner of Next Jen Health.

“It's important to know if any studies were done with the actual finished product or just the individual ingredients,” said Scheinman. “The Lemme website says that the supplements are 3rd party tested. This is a good thing. You always want to choose a supplement that is 3rd party tested to ensure that what's in the supplement is actually what the label claims.”

People online are arguing that there isn't a big enough dosage to cause an effect on those taking Lemme supplements. The serving size for gummies is usually two because “gelatin, sugar, and other ingredients need to be added to a gummy to give it the right flavor, color and texture one wants from a gummy,” said Scheinman.

Scheinman did highlight two supplements: Lemme Debloat and Lemme Curb, noting that the dosage of ingredients isn’t enough to be effective. One of the ingredients in Lemme Debloat is Xylooligosaccharides (XOS), which is a prebiotic fiber known to feed the good bacteria in our gut. Research shows that 1.2 to 2.8 milligrams is best for gut health, but this supplement only has 80 milligrams. For Lemme Curb, studies show that you probably need about one gram of cinnamon to lower blood sugar, meaning the 150 milligrams in this supplement probably won't be as effective.

“Without a clinical trial, it's hard to know if a low dose of bitter melon combined with a low dose of cinnamon will do any good,” said Scheinman about Lemme Curb's ingredients. “Any benefit one feels from this supplement is probably coming from the chromium — in which case you can find much less expensive brands of chromium.” 

Another red flag of the gummies is the use of a “proprietary blend.” Some of the Lemme supplements, like the Lemme Chill gummies, list 300 milligrams of ashwagandha and a proprietary blend of other soothing herbs as the ingredients. The supplement company is not required to tell consumers how much of the ingredients are in the proprietary blend, “so there is no way to know if it's enough to be effective,” said Scheinman. “To be fair, I only noticed a few in the line that had proprietary blends, and the rest of the gummies had clear labels around how much of the active ingredients are in each serving size.”

Does Lemme actually work?

It would be amiss to not include my own experience here. I am easily influenced, and after seeing multiple TikToks, I decided to try the Lemme DeBloat and Lemme Burn for myself. I tried DeBloat for a week when I felt stomach discomfort or bloated. During that first week, after taking the recommended dose of two gummies, I felt immediate relief. When I stopped taking the gummies consistently, only when I needed them, there was no change. In fact, I felt as though I hadn’t taken anything at all.

For Lemme Burn, I specifically took these before a workout class (I go to Barre classes three times a week) and TMI, I sweat so much after taking these. I wasn’t the only one to experience excessive sweat. 

“The first day I used this, I was sitting down not doing anything and I started sweating when this [Lemme Burn] kicked in,” @bm__22 said in a TikTok, who took the capsules for about a month.

In the two weeks that I took the capsules, I was no longer in a weight plateau and saw a difference in the scale. 

If you have doubts or are unsure if Lemme products are for you, like everything you want to include in your day-to-day life, consult with your doctor to get the official decision.