Adrienne Bailon, what are you doing, girl? Several clips pulled from the actress and singer’s YouTube channel and reposted on TikTok by user @1.nightstand are going viral — and not for delicious reasons. In the clips from the video, titled My New Favorite Food Combos, she explores a few different food combinations she enjoys, but there are some that stand out enough to be reshared all over TikTok. I try not to be too judgmental, but when I watched those ‘recipes’ my eyebrows flew up to my hairline. Definitely a sight to behold, and the internet agrees. Let’s dive into Adrienne Bailon's weird food combos.

Tuna & Fruit Punch?

The first recipe we see is one Bailon claims is a “tuna salad with a sugary twist.” I’m not sure I’m interested in a ‘sugary twist’ in tuna but let’s see what she’s got. First, she mixes the mayo, salt, and pepper together, so pretty normal in the beginning. But then comes the twist as she pours fruit punch in the tuna salad. To make things wetter, she dips the tuna salad sandwich in a glass of fruit punch. “I love that she thought the mayo would be what we all debated over,” one commenter wrote. “Does she drink the Hawaiian punch with the tuna in it after??” another questioned.

Tuna & Chocolate Milk??

As if the first one wasn’t already bad enough, this version of tuna salad is similar, but replaces the punch with chocolate milk instead. Bailon also dips this one in the chocolate milk in a glass. “I gotta be honest, I will always prefer the fruit punch, but this one is good too,” she said. Is it though? A simple but relatable comment from one viewer: “Someone call the police.”

Chicken Noodle Soup & Hazelnut Coffee Creamer???

In another clip, Bailon claimed that canned chicken noodle soup is “boring” and “basic” so that warrants putting hazelnut coffee creamer in it apparently. She recommends just pouring in a splash of the creamer, which is a splash too many. She claimed the ingredients go well together, adding a creaminess to the soup. “It now becomes more of like a creamy tom yum…” A producer on set tried it and immediately had to leave with their mouth still full. A comment reads “She really said it’s like Tom yum. Girrrrl lol.”

Whipped Cream & Cholula Hot Sauce????

Next up, she shows us a slice of Hawaiian pizza on a plate and then sprays a dollop of Reddi-Whip whipped cream next to it. As if it couldn’t get weirder, she then shakes a few drops of Cholula hot sauce in with the whipped cream, mixing it all together to create some strange dip for the pizza. As an avid defender of Hawaiian pizza, she is making us look bad. I can’t even imagine. Someone on set takes a taste and says “That one was disgusting.”