For many, Valentine's Day has become more of a source of stress than a fun day to look forward to spending with your loved one. If you aren't dating anyone, you feel left out. If you are, there's almost too much pressure to enjoy yourself on the big day. 

This year, TCHO is hoping to help turn the books on the Valentine's Day gift pressure. They're offering packages and even a specially crafted Maker's series chocolate bar for this year's holiday. No matter what your Valentine's Day situation is this year, TCHO has the perfect gift for you

Valentine's Day Sets

Renee Spillane

This is it. The year you finally break free from that over-sweet cheap chocolate that you can find on any grocery store or gas station shelf. Trust me, you'll taste the difference.

The Valentine's Day gift boxes come in three sizes: 6 x 8 gram bars, 8 x 8 gram bars, or 36 x 8 gram bars. The smallest box ($5.49) comes with Chocolatey, Fruity, Nutty, and Bright dark chocolate bars plus Classic and Cacao milk chocolate bars. For only $7.49, you'll get two each of the four dark chocolate bars above. Finally, the biggest, and obviously the best, box ($25.99) comes with nine each of the chocolatey and fruity dark chocolate bars plus mokaccino and classic milk chocolate bars. 

While size does matter when it comes to chocolate and more is always better, no matter what box you choose, it will be decorated with beautiful roses. What more can you need on Valentine's Day than chocolate and roses?

Galentine's Day Sets

Okay ladies. If you're anything like me, you've developed a slight distaste for Valentine's Day over the years of being single for the holiday. Thanks to Leslie Knope, celebrating Galentine's Day for the past few years hasn't been so bad. Imagine...

You. Your girlfriends. A romantic comedy. And lots and lots of chocolate. 

This year I'm ordering a Galentine's Day gift box for each one of my friends. The boxes come in the same three sizes, with the same flavors, as the Valentine's Day box. But this special box is decorated with a fun girl power design that will make you want to save it forever. But you and I both know you won't because the chocolate is too good not to eat. 

Maker's Series Valentine's Bar

If you want to get your loved one something a little more special than plain old chocolate, look no further. TCHO chocolate makers handcrafted  546 of these Maker's Series bars and, from what I could taste, they're going to go fast. The base of the bar is a "fudgey dark chocolate with fruity notes."

As if that isn't enough to sell you, TCHO decided to throw in a few unusual flavors to spice up both the chocolate and your holiday. There are freeze-dried red raspberries, crushed pink peppercorns, and hints of rose and cardamom. Both the colors and flavors make this bar the perfect gift for your chocolate lover on Valentine's Day. 

The depth of floral and rich, bitter and sweet flavors that I tasted in the bar was unlike anything I have tasted before. It's the most sophisticated of chocolate bars, a Gatsby of its kind. 

You and I both know that there's no excuse to pick up cheap candy from your local grocery or convenience store. This Valentine's Day has to be the best one yet. And it all begins with chocolate