Personally, Valentine's Day has always been my favorite holiday. I know, I'm just insane for putting Valentine's Day before Christmas, Thanksgiving, my birthday, etc. I'm joined by very few in this idea. Most of my life, I've decided to actually embrace Valentine's Day and it's gone quite well for me.

What really gets me is this negative notion surrounding the holiday. Trust me, nothing annoys me quite like people flaunting their relationships on social media or rubbing their love in my face. I get it, I do. But I love Valentine's Day because it is actually one of the most inclusive holidays. You don't need any religion to celebrate. You don't need a boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, or whatever to celebrate. You just have to care about someone, anyone to embrace Valentine's Day. 

So wipe that pout off of your face, grab your chocolates, and follow my guide to have a kick-ass Valentine's Day- regardless of your relationship status on Facebook.

Take a Step Back

Okay, okay, Valentine's Day is for lovers. But I decided to sit down and stop thinking about it in this way. I decided that instead of this holiday being for those in love, it could be for anyone who loves anyone. You don't have to feel bitter or feel that you've been excluded from the holiday. You can celebrate it, even if the only thing you love is your dog. 

Don't Rain On Their Parade

Listen, I know, it's not entirely enjoyable to watch people in relationships enjoying their love when they get it every day of the year. This can be especially painful with ex's. But does it actually make you feel better crapping on other people's cutesy pictures and relationships all day? The first step to enjoying February 14th is to let others do the same. You don't have to embrace Valentine's Day, just to let others have a good one.

Stay Off Of Social Media

I know, it's tough. Most of us are just in the habit of scrolling through all of our favorite platforms hourly. But trust me on this one, the best way to not let those in-relationship posts get to you is to not look. If you can't bare to see the love-filled captions, just take a day off from it all. Also, it gives you more time to focus on you (which I'll cover later)!

Valentine's Is For The Girls

Show your gal pals some love and get a group together to treat each other! Dinner, nails, sugary desserts, why pick one when you can have them all? Make sure to also include the gals who will be celebrating with their S.O.'s, because the whole point of the holiday is to spread the love with those you love! Nobody should be excluded from their friends- even if they have someone else to treat them. 

Treat Yourself

If you don't have an S.O. to do that for you, do it yourself. Buy a bougie bath bomb from Lush, find a delicious cookie recipe online or buy yourself an adorable gift. Ditch the diet and eat an entire box of chocolates- from you to you. Embrace all the perks of a valentine without the drama of relationships. You don't need someone else to make you happy today. The day is all about love, and it's always important to love yourself first. 

It's All About The Movies!

If you're a love hater, I suggest something along the lines of John Tucker Must Die. But if you're feeling sad that you don't have a Valentine, I'm suggesting any Nicholas Sparks movie. If you want a real tear jerker, go for Me Before You and cry out all those feels. Here's another bunch of suggestions to get you by.

Mood Music

Again, it's all about your opinion on love. An O.G. Taylor Swift could change the entire course of your holiday. Sing along to your embarrassing secret music obsession and dance around the kitchen. You don't need anybody as long as your playlist is on point. 

Spread The Love

After your nails have dried from that self-prescribed mani-pedi, pay it forward and send the love around. Give your parents a call or send your sister a box of chocolates. It's okay to let the people you love know you love them! I always have a Valentine's Dinner with my family,  it's one excuse for us to all sit down together. This year, I sent my bff a care package straight to her school! It's easy and a fun break from doing homework.

tea, birthday cake, cake
Ali Goetze

It doesn't matter if you do one or all of my suggestions this year. The point is that if not anything else, Valentine's Day is the one day to go a little out of the way for someone special. Give your mom that overdue call or your dog a longer walk. Take yourself shopping. Maybe even confess your love to someone special ;) You've got a lot of important people in your life, even if they aren't a boyfriend/girlfriend/S.O. Spread the love with whomever is there for you and have a great holiday!

May you O.D. on chocolate hearts and listen to pop songs to your hearts content <3