July — the month of our independence, awkward tan lines, and ice cream. Picking a flavor to celebrate the most important national holiday, National Ice Cream Day, can be hard. Luckily, the signs and I have got your back.

These are your new favorite ice cream flavors, according to your zodiac sign.

Aquarius: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

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Beatrice Forman

Intelligent with a humanitarian streak, Aquarius want to help everyone feel satisfied — especially when it comes to dessert. Logically, this means appealing to both sides: those who love cookies, and those who love ice cream. This ice cream cookie dough combo provides a unique cream to chunk ratio with every bite, guaranteeing a once-in-a-lifetime flavor experience. After all, us Aquarians are big on originality.

#SpoonTip: Are ice cream sandwiches more your thing? Check out Maman's chocolate chip ice cream sandwich for a delightfully doughy and frozen experience.

Pisces: Cake Batter

Cake batter simultaneously blends the two sides of a Pisces. The flavor of everyone’s favorite birthday cake will satisfy a Pisces’ need for stimulation and celebration, while the creaminess of the ice cream will soothe even their biggest emotional woes. Therefore, cake batter is the only flavor a Pisces should turn to after a breakup, or during the latest season of Masters of None.

Aries: Boozy Ice Cream 

A natural thrill-seeker, an Aries is always up for a challenge. And what better a challenge than proving you can, indeed, get a little tipsy off of ice cream? Brands like Tipsy Scoop offer the perfect rush — each scoop will surprise and thrill you while keeping you just sober enough to get through that extra shift at work. In other words, Aries are boozy ice cream personified: fun, but not too much fun.

Taurus: Vanilla

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Beatrice Forman

The Taurus is the mom of any friend group; reliable, trustworthy, and practical. Much like vanilla ice cream, everybody loves you and for good reason. You’re prepared for anything, especially an impromptu trip to your supermarket’s ice cream section. You know your favorite flavor and how you want it — covered in sprinkles, dripping with chocolate sauce, and with a cherry on top for good measure.

#SpoonTip: Do you have fifteen minutes and some Zip-lock bags? If so, you have exactly half of what you need to make your very own vanilla ice cream.

Gemini: Cookie Monster

ice, cream, ice cream, waffle, wafer, chocolate, sweet
Beatrice Forman

Let’s get one thing straight: a Gemini is going to want to two scoops of different ice cream to satisfy their multi-dimensional personality. That being said, Cookie Monster ice cream captures a Gemini’s fun-loving yet indecisive nature in one scoop. The intense blue of your favorite childhood flavor captivates while the cookie chunks satisfy a craving for crunchy.

Cancer: Rocky Road

Cancers are sometimes a lot to handle, but that’s what everyone loves most about them. They’re a mixed bag of emotions —some are sweet, some are savory. Luckily for you, Rocky Road gets it. The nuts and marshmallows coexist in harmony, providing evidence that sometimes it’s good to have a little too much going on.

Leo: Piña Colada 

True to the song, Leos love piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. They covet a good time, constantly creating situations that beg to be remembered. Piña Colada ice cream holds the same good mood powers. One lick and you’re transported to a tropical island, sans rum of course.

Virgo: Strawberry

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Beatrice Forman

Virgos thrive off of organization. Their need for fixed proportions and clean details allow them to split the world into two, clear cut categories: things that make sense and things that don’t. While they can’t always change the things that don’t, they can enjoy a scoop (or two) of strawberry ice cream. Its small list of ingredients and distinctly fruity flavor leaves no room for ambiguity, pleasing a Virgo’s mind and stomach.

#SpoonTip: Need a pick me up on Monday morning? You can eat strawberry ice cream for breakfast.

Libra: Vanilla Chocolate Swirl

As any Libra knows, decisions are tough — especially when it comes to matters of dessert. In keeping with their desire for companionship, Libras like pairs. And what better a pair then two tried-and-true ice cream classics? A vanilla chocolate combo offers far more than just an aesthetically pleasing swirl. It’s an edible Yin and Yang, with creamy complementing rich perfectly.

Scorpio: German Chocolate

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Amelia Hitchens

Scorpios sit comfortably in their assertiveness and passion. They love what they love, and they love it ardently. Much like a Scorpio, a scoop of German chocolate is bold in its delivery.

It’s rich and filling, intensifying the flavor found in a scoop of good ‘ole chocolate.

#SpoonTip: Need a quick chocolate fix? This recipe has you covered.

Sagittarius: Lavender

A Sagittarius will go to far lengths to find her zen, even if it means traveling the world Eat, Pray, Love style. Your extroverted nature attracts a wide range of people, but every now and then you need to chill. Lavender ice cream gets your struggle. The seemingly exotic flavor pulls hoards of samplers at your average scoop shop, but only a few will stay to enjoy its calming floral notes. I have a feeling a Sag will like this best kept secret.

Capricorn: Neapolitan

Just because Capricorns are responsible and regimented, it doesn’t mean they don’t crave a little bit of everything. They just want it in quantifiable amounts, neat sections, and not quite mixing with another flavor. A freshly made batch of Neapolitan ice cream practically speaks to a Capricorn. You do indeed get a little bit of everything, just exactly the way you want it.

Now that you know which ice cream flavor matches your aura, your bound to have a celestial experience this National Ice Cream Day. Happy licking!