I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day candy. Well, unless it's chocolate. Chocolate is always a good idea, if you ask me. Nonetheless, so many people love Necco Sweethearts Conversation Candy. Whether you love or hate the taste of these sweet treats, it's always fun to take a gander at the quotes. True love? First kiss? Best day? Picking a conversation heart out of a bowl is like picking your fortune. I get it: it's exciting. It's a Valentine's Day tradition for many.

And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your favorite Valentine's Day candy just got way more difficult to find. That's right: you may not be able to treat your sweetheart, or yourself, to these Sweethearts treats this coming Valentine's Day.

What happened to Necco Sweethearts?

Necco Sweethearts Conversation Candy has been around since 1901. Sure, if you're not a fan of the candy itself, you may think that the Sweethearts still taste like they were manufactured in 1901. But they're part of a broader Valentine's Day tradition, whether we want to admit it or not. 

Necco traditionally manufactures around 8 billion candy hearts per year. By 2018, they were really struggling to keep up with demand. In May, the company was sold to an undisclosed, Connecticut-based buyer. Things didn't get better. The company filed for bankruptcy in July. In a series of sales and hardships, the company was sold again in September. This time, it was purchased by Spangler Candy Company. You may know Spangler for their Dum Dums lollipops

Although Spangler promised to keep the production going for this Necco staple, they recently announced that they didn't have the time to produce enough Sweethearts to meet the annual demand.

Maybe there's a silver lining: Necco Sweetheart Conversation Candy won't be gone forever. Spangler's CEO stated, "We look forward to announcing the Sweethearts relaunch for the 2020 Valentine season." The original statement, however, seems to have been removed from Spangler's website. The mystery remains. Sweetheart fans are left waiting, hopefully, for their return.

No Sweethearts, now what?

To those loyal to Necco: bonds may be broken, your relationship with Necco may temporarily be lost. But you don't have to go entirely without your conversation hearts—or some derivative of them—this Valentine's Day. Maybe 2019 is the year to explore new things, to see other people. Or, maybe not. But it may be good to keep your Valentine's Day candy options open.

Brach's Conversation Hearts

Brach's Conversation Hearts could be the solution to fill that gaping Necco void in your life. The brand has been around since the 1960s, so they're definitely not new to the heart-shaped candy game. People say that Brach's Conversation Hearts are a bit chewier than those made by Necco, they offer a wider variety of flavors, and the sayings are laser-printed onto the hearts—not stamped. So, who knows? You may really fall in love with Brach's Valentine's Day candy.

Sour Patch Kids flavored Conversation Hearts

Confused? Me too, but Sour Patch Kids is really everywhere these days, so why wouldn't they take a stab at the conversation hearts candy game? And the sayings on these candies definitely appeal to a younger audience. Bae. Friend zone. What will it be? I'd say these candies are definitely worth a shot if your looking to switch things up. Maybe their sour flavor will match our sour moods now that Necco conversation hearts aren't currently being produced.

Limited edition Love Oreos

For those who love Oreos, then the Limited Edition Love, Oreos are your perfect alternative. Admittedly, the sayings are not traditional in the sense that they're very Oreo-centric. To name a few: dunk in love, dear Cupid send Oreos, and let's twist. Basically, Oreos would be your Valentine. The cookies flatter themselves. But, hey, we all need to flatter ourselves every once in a while. Oreos are good. And they know it.

Krispy Kreme Valentine's doughnuts

Alright, so maybe this doesn't count as candy per se, but I think it's a sweet treat that you should definitely consider. After all, what says I love you (or, I love me, if you're your own Valentine) more than deliciously-filled conversation heart doughnuts? The flavors include Cake Batter, Chocolate Kreme, Raspberry Filled, and Strawberries and Kreme. Are conversation doughnuts a little bit extra? Sure, but everyone deserves to be extra on Valentine's Day. Treat yourself or someone else.

If you're still devastated about the lack of Necco Sweethearts Conversation Candy this Valentine's Day, don't worry: the candy and dessert world is here for you. All we can really do now is adapt and hope that this Valentine's Day staple won't be gone forever. For now, we can mourn together while setting our sights on other things. Overall, the future looks bright, and we can all hope for the return of Necco Sweethearts Conversation Candy in 2020.