Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry are woefully basic on their own, but their Italian flavors explode in a threesome. Invented in Naples, Italy, in the late 19th century, these frozen stripes have rocked palates and plates alike – so much so that M&M released a Neapolitan-flavored candy in February. Sold exclusively at Target, these Neapolitan M&Ms are the portable version of their ice cream relative (and they’re less prone to summer melting). 

Neapolitan reminds me of sticky summers on Tampa Bay and red eyes after swimming in my pool all afternoon. There was nothing really healthy about baking in the sun, gorging on ice cream, and having chlorine seep into my 11-year-old skin. 

Nonetheless, here are my thoughts about this triple-speckled candy, including my verdict on whether they’re worth the $3.59 I paid for them. 

Do They Actually Taste Like Neapolitan?

Mackenzie Patel

Short answer: Hell yes. The composition of these M&Ms was surprising; I thought the brown, purple, and white colors corresponded to separate chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavors. I assumed when the candies mixed in your mouth, then the sensation of Neapolitan would hit. However, each candy– regardless of the flavor – tasted like a scoop of Neapolitan ice cream.

The outer shells had a stronger dose of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry depending on the color, but the milky insides all delivered the same kick. And the aftertaste of strawberry, so potent and left to linger after a few pieces, was sublime by the poolside.

These M&Ms weren’t heavy or sluggish to eat compared to the peanut and peanut butter varieties – the word “cool” comes to mind, describing both the sensation of chewing them and the nifty packaging. 

Which Is Better, the Ice Cream or Candy?

Mackenzie Patel

The winning combination is Neapolitan M&Ms on top of Neapolitan ice cream — overkill doesn't matter when everything delivers a sugar high. The ice cream is a better after-dinner treat while the M&Ms are a “grab a handful” snack suited for lazy afternoons.

Eating candy is like plucking on potato chips: it’s easy to finish an entire bag in one sitting, regardless of the calorie count. Neapolitan M&Ms go well with pretzel sticks, Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies, and trail mix. You can also substitute them for regular M&Ms in this edgy M&M Blondie Recipe. 

Final Thoughts

Mackenzie Patel

Maybe it was the colors, but these M&Ms reminded me of Easter egg candy my momma used to buy. The pastels and the crunch and the creamy filling would match my eyelet lace dresses perfectly. Neapolitan M&Ms taste like ice cream without being too heavy, and the purple ones are the exact shade of Essie’s Play Date.

They dissolve in your mouth like ice cream drippings, all the zing without the brain freeze. Would I spend $3.59 on another bag? Certainly. My mom already said “this can be our road trip snack for Spring Break…”