I am a self-proclaimed chicken nugget connoisseur. I am constantly craving them. Once in college, I threw a party and ordered 1,300 nuggets. Unfortunately, the party kinda ended up being a bust, but I got at least 700 nuggets to take home, and my roommates and I ate them for days. It was a dream come true. Well, another dream is coming true tomorrow, because McDonald's is delivering free McNuggets via UberEats. 

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Alex Frank

First of all, if you haven't yet, download UberEats. Then tomorrow, on Dec. 13, order a 10-piece McNugget via the UberEats app. The nuggets will be free, but you'll have to pay a booking fee (which is usually around $5). Still, not bad. Free McNuggets coming straight to my door on a Saturday morning (mornings for me start around noon on the weekend) sounds pretty good.

This deal is taking place in over 80 cities across the US, but you'll want to double check before ordering that you're located in one of them. 

Alex Frank

McDonald's started delivering almost a year ago via UberEats, but due to the booking fee, the Chicago Tribune reported that people aren't just ordering a double cheeseburger and fries; they're ordering in bulk. The fast food chain started testing our delivery last January, and the most popular items delivered were the 40-piece McNuggets and the Big Mac & Chicken Nuggets Meal Bundle (two Big Macs, a 20-piece McNugget, three medium fries, and three medium beverages). It actually makes sense, because if you order in bulk with friends, then you each split that delivery fee, making it uber cheap. 

So take this promo as a time to order for just yourself, but don't forget to get a strong af Sprite to go with it.