Would you bring a first date to McDonald's? The results of a survey conducted by UK-based online bingo site Tombola, which polled 11,000 members, revealed that many people consider McDonald's to be a less-than-ideal location for a first date. Surprisingly, 20% of respondents claimed that the worst possible first date venue is the movie theatre, while a close second was McDonald's, with 13% of respondents deeming it the worst place for a first date.

Now, I agree; when you get asked out to dinner, most people are not expecting you to bring a first date to McDonald’s. It isn’t exactly known for its sophistication and flair. Additionally, the fast-paced and noisy atmosphere of a McDonald's restaurant may not be the best place to get to know someone on a deeper level… But maybe that’s just what you need if the thought of going to a fancy restaurant stresses you out.

McDonald’s has gone through many eras over the decades, from being a family restaurant to a midnight cravings destination. But that also depends on where you are in the world. Different McDonald's locations across the globe have different menu offerings and totally different ambiences than what we might be used to in the U.S.

For instance, McDonald’s is much more than just convenience food in Japan. It’s a popular place to eat and hang out.

Thailand McDonald’s has an impressive dessert menu, including pineapple pie, traditional Thai rice pudding, and Millionaire's Cheesecake.

But most impressive of all, maybe France. With fancy burgers like the Blue Cheese burger and the McBaguette. But they also have stand-alone McCafes with a greater selection of baked goods and crafted drinks. 

So maybe flying your date out to one of these countries would make a McDonald’s date fancy? There’s no harm in going there for a bite; it can still be a fun and memorable experience. Ultimately, the most important thing is finding a location where you and your date are comfortable, allowing for meaningful conversation.