It’s that time of year when the weather’s about to get cold and we all want that snuggle buddy to “Netflix & Chill” with. Well, as you find that special someone, keep in mind what you should eat when he/she pops the question, “Where would you like to go for dinner?”

‘Cause what you chose to order reflects that rockin’ personality we all know you have. Just remember, the most essential aspect about a date: FREE food. You read it correctly, f-r-e-e. So start chomping away people, but first, look here to see what these dinner choices say about you.

Spaghetti: You’re adventurous

First Date

Photo by Daniel Schuleman

Hate to break it to you, but you won’t get that Lady & The Tramp moment (sorry, honey). Nonetheless, I give credit to you folks because we all know this is NOT attractive to eat whatsoever. Shows you’re bold — you can make a fool of yourself and go along with it. Respect, man.

Hot dog: You’re a badass

First Date

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If you really want to look like the above picture, then go at it. Buuuut, I highly doubt you want to look like you’re a competitor in the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. It’s just not cute.

Dessert: You’re a rule breaker

First Date

Photo by Caroline Grew

Real food? Dessert FTW. You’re not an ordinary gal — you like to spice it up & ditch the classic sit down fancy-schmancy restaurant that your date wants to impress you at. Adventure is your middle name and I bet you were a detention regular.

Chipotle: You’re a dare devil

First Date

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Whoever goes to Chipotle and eats a burrito on their first date — all the power to you. I’m all about ‘Potle but when it comes to making a good impression, I’d stay away (but that’s just me). Go for a bowl instead of the deathly messy burrito — this could be your future hubby for God’s sake.

Salad: You’re shy

First Date

Photo by Jason Cruz

C’mon. This is a free meal, my friend. You know that phrase “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”? SIKE. It’s happening… Right now. Make use of this opportunity. Just be sure to not order onions, you’ll thank me later (and so will your date).

Soup: You’re nuts

First Date

Photo by Kelly Logan

*Sluuuurp* Crazy, is how I would describe you. Because why would you ever? No. Just no. Please.

#SpoonTip: Order something you can eat with a fork, no finger food. And if you’re craving spaghetti and meatballs, opt for penne or bowtie pasta.