Pizza is the greatest staple food in the world. Need food for a house party? Feeling hungry after a night out with friends at 3 am? Have a headache in the morning? The answer is always pizza. Hot or cold, it doesn’t matter. Pizza is always the main character when you need to be healed. And one chain  just gave 'za the main character moment it deserves. Last week at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Pizza Hut claimed the title for world’s largest pizza ever by the Guinness World Records.

The cheesy chain collaborated with Youtuber Erik Decker to create a  14,000 square foot pizza. That’s 13,653 pounds of dough, 4,948 pounds of marinara sauce, and 8,800 pounds of cheese. Instead of finding the largest oven in the world, the crew baked off the pizza in sections. The entire process took three days, which sounds like a long time, but with a pie this big, that’s actually very speedy. Oh, and it was gluten-free.

Decker, better known as Airrack, posted about the record on his Instagram. The best comment came from Guinness World Records who wrote, "Better tip the delivery guy." Iconic.

In addition to setting a world record, Pizza Hut donated it to local charities, all 68,000 pizza slices. The crew used the well-known "The Big New Yorker Recipe," which was a fan favorite in the 1990s and has now been reintroduced to the menus. Want a slice for yourself? You can now order The Big New Yorker at Pizza Hut to get a taste of what that big pie tasted like.