I love food, but I don't know if I love food as much as these Guinness World Record holders do. What better way to celebrate the new year than by admiring the incredible food feats of 2016? In need of some inspiration for a New Year's resolution? Look no further. Now you can spend 2017 honing in on your bungee jumping skills or lemon juice drinking abilities.

1. Longest Pizza: May 18th

What's not to love about pizza? In fact, 100 chefs in Naples, Italy loved pizza so much that they made 6,082 feet of it (that's 1.15 miles of pizza). The line of pizza was cooked through five wood-fired portable ovens, in which the pizza could roll through like a conveyor belt. Bon appétit.

2. Highest Altitude Pizza Delivery on Land: May 9th

While this pizza may not have tasted as good as the Italian's after a delivery time of four days, the pizza did make it to an elevation of 19,341 feet. A group of Pizza Hut employees helped to make the trek from Pizza Hut's first location in Tanzania to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. That definitely deserves a thumbs up.

3. Most Expensive Soufflé Commercially Available: September 16th

The next time you have a spare $2,500, go try the quail egg and caviar soufflé at Petrossian in New York. Executive Chef Richard Farnabe and Alexandre Petrossian prepare this dish with gold leaf and flambé Hennessy Richard. If this dish took you six bites to finish, each bite would cost about $416.67. Nice.

4. Largest Glass of Mojito: April 17th

4-Jack's Bar and Bistro in the Dominican Republic knows how to party. They whipped up a 3,519 liter mojito. What better way to wash down a $2,500 soufflé than with 700 liters of rum?

5. Largest Serving of Mango Sticky Rice: October 21st

Over in Dubai, the Anantara Dubai Culinary Team was busy cooking up 6,241.287 pounds of mango sticky rice, which they later distributed to labor camps in Dubai. This dish is big enough for at least seven people to comfortably fit laying down side by side surrounded in mango sticky rice. YUM.

6. Fastest Time to Drink One Litre of Lemon Juice Through a Straw: May 17th

UFC fighter Dennis "The Menace" Bermudez drank one liter of lemon juice in 22.75 seconds. I honestly don't know which sounds worse: getting beat up regularly for a job or drinking a whole liter of lemon juice for fun.

7. Highest Bungee Dunk: November 17th

What is a bungee dunk you ask? It's when 24-year-old Simon Berry jumps 246 feet off a crane in Bray, Berkshire to dip a biscuit into a mug of tea below him. Victory is sweet.

8. Largest Sushi Mosaic: September 18th

This 608.16 ft² mosaic made to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bodo Glimt football club was quite the edible arrangement. 

9. Most People Making S'mores Simultaneously: April 21st

I'm not trying to give anyone any ideas, but the world record for the most people making s'mores simultaneously is 423, set by Hollister and SeriousFun Children's Network in California. There are a lot more students than that on my campus, and I love s'mores...

10. Fastest 20m Carrying Two Fridges: January 15th

Just in case you're starving and can't move in bed, it's good to know that Thor Bjornsson (otherwise known as The Mountain from Game of Thrones) would be very capable of running a fridge-to-bed delivery service. He can carry two of them, weighing in at 992 pounds, 20 meters in 19.6 seconds.