As college students, we've all experienced the excitement of knowing winter break is right around the corner. Even though the stress of homework is temporarily gone, going home for winter break has its ups and downs. 

Don't get me wrong, I am BEYOND ready for winter break, but I'm also not naive to the fact that sometimes it's not all your stress-induced, finals week self dreamed it would be. For all of my fellow "The Office" junkies out there, I have compiled 10 of the biggest ups and downs of going home for winter break with the help of human roller coaster himself, Michael Scott, and his friends at Dunder Mifflin. 

1. Finishing Your Last Final and Feeling on Top of the World


2. Finally Eating a Home-Cooked Meal and Not Suspicious Dining Hall Food

See ya later soggy salad and foul-smelling mystery meat! 

3. But Realizing Your Good Eating Habits Are About to Go to Hell

Mom's Cooking: 1 

Diet: 0

4. Trying to Make Plans With Your Friends, but Failing Miserably

*Eagerly tries to make plans but remembers how annoying it is to coordinate with seven people.*

5. Inevitably Seeing the People You Disliked in High School EVERYWHERE

Hopefully all of your high school drama is behind you, but we all know the feeling of seeing *those* people from high school at the grocery store. 

And I don't know about you, but I always look 0/10 when I run into this situation. 

6. Spending Lots of Time With Your Family (and Your Dog)

You've had these roommates for at least 18 years, so being home for one month is nothin', right?

7. But Then Your Parents Tell You to Do Chores

"Wait, wait, wait... this is a BREAK... you're telling me I have to do chores?! I don't even live here!"

8. Getting Excited Because Christmas Is Coming Up

Gifts. Christmas music. Cookies. Everything smells like pine.  

It's seriously the best time of the year. 

9. Having to Answer All of Your Family's Questions at Holiday Dinners

"Are you still a vegetarian?" Yes.

"Are you still with your boyfriend?" Yes.

"How's school going?" Fine.

"What's your major, again?" UGH. 

10. Remembering That You Still Have an Entire Semester Left Until Summer

Take advantage of it while you can, winter break will be over before you know it. *sad face*