To all my fellow vegetarians out there: I understand your holiday struggle. The holidays are a great excuse to watch "Elf" on repeat, listen to corny Christmas music and bake all the cookies your heart desires. 

But, as much as I look forward to this magical time of year, one thing is inevitable: the endless questions and concerns from relatives at your holiday dinners, not to mention, the lack of meat-free options. *cue eye roll*  

1. "Are you still not eating meat?"

My vegetarianism does not cease to exist because there's a turkey on the table. 

2. "But you eat fish, right?" 

*Explains what you do and do not eat for the 10th time that day.*

3. Realizing there's meat in something that's usually meat-free


4. Inevitably having to make your meal out of side dishes

If there's mac and cheese or mashed potatoes present, you're in luck.

5. When your aunt says, "You can just pick the meat out"

No, it's fine, I'll just eat this sad salad, thanks. 

6. "You must not get enough protein," says the sudden nutritional expert 

"You're right, for the past 7 years of being a vegetarian I've miraculously survived with zero protein."

7. Being asked why you became a vegetarian for the millionth time this month 

Everyone just assumes I'm splattering fur coats with red paint in my spare time. 

8. Not having a specific answer to that question 

It's not like anyone really cares anyway.

9. Having a relative get offended because you won't eat their special (but meaty) recipe 

Sorry that I won't give up vegetarianism for your meat dressing.

10. Hearing "I love bacon too much to be a vegetarian" 


Even though being the only vegetarian at the dinner table is hard, spending time with family and friends is what makes the holidays special.

And let's not forget about the desserts. Desserts really make the holidays worth-while.