Us college students love our daily coffee in the morning; it's the thing that keeps us going and helps us stay awake in class. Wine, on the other hand, helps us let loose, relax, and forget about our worries. But what if you can have both of these things in one drink? Mind blown, right? I am too. It's called wine-infused coffee and here's everything you need to know about it.

What's The Science Behind This? 

Well, this concoction came about thanks to Molinari's Private Reserve's owner, Richard Molinari, and Wild Card Roasters' master coffee roaster, John Weaver. They spent over two years perfecting the combination of Napa Valley wine and coffee beans. The coffee beans are left in the wine to absorb the flavors, and after this process was done, the beans are left to dry and are hand-roasted.

Just like regular coffee beans, wine-infused beans are not limited to drinking it black. You can drink it as a latte, an espresso, or iced coffee, you name it. Though this won't get you drunk, you can still taste the wine in the coffee. According to Eater, it's best to brew the coffee beans using a French press, but a drip machine works too.  

#SpoonTip: Feel like a barista by learning how to froth your milk when making a latte. 

Where Can I Buy This? 

You can order a half-pound bag of coffee beans for $20 directly from Molinari Private Reserve. But you're not the only one who wants a bag, and supplies are limited. So get yours now before they run out.

According to FoodBeast, the wine-infused coffee will also be available in Napa Valley soon, but there's no telling when or how long we have to wait. If you can't wait, you can also get your hands on Merlot-Infused Coffee for $20 through Uncommon Goods.

Be right back, I'm just going to buy a bag for myself.