We all let ourselves go at least a little during finals, but some symptoms of over-studying are worse than others and you might need something other than your usual coffee order to recover.

If you’re managing your stress well: Mocha

                               GIF courtesy of tumblr.com.

You’ve got this, go enjoy a mocha to treat yo’ self.

If you don’t remember what the light of day looks like: Latte

coffee Drink

Photo by Gabby Phi

A relaxing latte should help with that. The walk to the cafe won’t hurt either.

If your diet consists of only greasy leftovers and minute-made meals: Iced Coffee

coffee Drink

Photo by Asia Coladner

A refreshing iced coffee is what your stomach needs.

If sleep feels like a distant dream you wish you were having: Cappuccino

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An espresso filled cappuccino should wake you up for the next chapter of readings.

If you almost put two pairs of pants on this morning: Macchiato

coffee Drink

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A macchiato should help you regain some sanity. Learn what a macchiato is here.

If you’re calculating exactly what grade you need to pass the course because you’ve given up: Black Drip Coffee

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You need black coffee. ASAP.

If you don’t remember the last time you showered: Americano

coffee Drink

Photo by Alysha Anzik

An americano is the way to go. It’s got water in it so it’s close to showering, right?

And if you can no longer laugh without crying a little: Coffee Nap

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You’re too far gone and it’s time to take a nap. Even better, take a coffee nap.