So maybe you wanna take a break from funneling at frat parties and experience the finer things in life. But what to do? Well, look no further.

After plenty of research eating pints of ice cream and reading up on Total Wine, we’ve managed to blend the two best things on the planet together: wine and Ben & Jerry’s. This ish is dope and will have you staying in for more Friday nights than you’d like to admit…

Cabernet Sauvignon and Cherry Garcia


Photo by Sarah Gilbert

This full-bodied red wine brings to mind flavors of black cherry and black currant. Enter, B&J’s, Cherry Garcia. From the cherry ice cream to the actual chunks of cherries, this pair is a winner. Don’t have Cabernet Sauvignon? Merlot works well, too.

Syrah and Blueberry Vanilla Graham Greek Frozen Yogurt


Photo by Joshua Alan Davis

Syrah has bold blueberry undertones. Plus, Greek yogurt ice cream is just as good as regular ice cream without all the bad stuff (or so you think). Not only will you get drunk, but you’ll be health-conscious too. Win-win.

Zinfandel and Strawberry Cheesecake


Photo by Robert Tillmann

Zinfandels are more of a medium-bodied red wine, much less intense than full-blown full-bodied vinos. Zinfandels also have flavors reminiscent of strawberries, so Strawberry Cheesecake is an obvious pairing. NOM. While you’re at it, you might as well make these boozy strawberries as a side dish.

Pinot Gris and Liz Lemon Greek Frozen Yogurt


Photo courtesy of PPP Photography

Pinot Gris is a more light-bodied wine with a drier flavor. It just so happens to taste dank with lemon-flavored foods. Holla at that Greek Frozen Yogurt for being kinda healthy.

Chardonnay and The Tonight Dough


Photo by Barry Piatoff

With extensive aging, Chardonnay can actually have a vanilla flavor, which is perfect because a lot of B&J flavors use vanilla ice cream as a base. And The Tonight Dough is obviously the best, so don’t even argue.

Oh, and did I mention that it was created and inspired by comedian cutie, Jimmy Fallon? ‘Nuff said, this pint is worth your while.

Merlot and Save Our Swirled


Photo by Michael Fletcher

Save Our Swirled is one of the newer flavors that B&J’s has created. With a raspberry flare, it goes perfectly with a nice glass of Merlot. BTW, Merlot is a pretty heavy red wine, but you’ll impress all of your friends with your ability to drink it.

Sherry and Peanut Buttah Cookie Core


Photo by Kya Mamoto

Okay, so maybe Sherry reminds you of the shit you stole from your parent’s liquor cabinet in high school, but it’s making a comeback in this awesome pairing. Cookie Core’s are maybe the greatest invention in all of ice cream history, so jump on the bandwagon, folks. Peanuts and sherry are a tasty match and will have you finishing the pint.

Prosecco and Peach Melba Greek Frozen Yogurt


Photo by Reya Veltman

Prosecco is like the fanciest shit a college kid can swing. André has become too mainstream. Grab a nice red Solo cup of Prosecco and settle down into those peach undertones with a lil’ scoop of Peach Melba. Nothin’ like a little bubbly to celebrate staying in.

Malbec and That’s My Jam


Photo courtesy of Flickr

Raspberry and wine are like two peas in one alcohol-infused pod. Malbec is delicious red that goes great with the raspberry jam found in this B&J’s pint. You’ll have yourself time-traveling back to when all you ate were PB&J sandwiches. By the way, it’s time to upgrade your classic PB&J’s.

Riesling and Vanilla Honey Caramel Greek Frozen Yogurt


Photo by Tom Ipri

Riesling is a pretty basic type of white wine, usually ideal for slapping the bag. However, if you are lucky enough to find yourself a long-stemmed wine glass, grab a pint of this tasty B&J’s flavor. The honey goes super well with the aromas in the Riesling.

Rosé and Berry Berry Extraordinary Sorbet


Photo by Andy Pucko

I don’t know about you, but Rosé just brings back bad Franzia memories. However, if you can get past that, this blush wine is actually pretty appetizing alongside a bowl of this sorbet. Both the wine and sorbet are super light, so get ready to get white girl wasted with this pairing.