It’s that spooky time of year again, time for greeting trick-or-treaters and Halloween parties. But, for me, the best part of this season is curling up on the couch with some sweet treat and watching a scary movie. But what makes a sugary bar of candy even better is when it's perfectly paired with a glass of wine. But how do you know what to sip on while enjoying your Snickers bar or Twizzlers or candy corn? Bright Cellars in-house Master Sommelier Catherine Fallis recommended the best wine and candy pairings to us this Halloween season to ensure we have the best night-in.

Candy Corn & Stigma Private Reserve Aromica

Pair arguably the most iconic Halloween candy with a “sparkling and lightly sweet white blend with notes of honey, peach, and pear,” Fallis recommended.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups & 2020 Worst Evils Red Blend

“Ripe and dry with notes of black cherry, bay leaf, leather, and woodsmoke” and “chocolate and peanut butter” may not be the same level of complexity, but they are certainly equal in terms of deliciousness. Butterfingers also go great with this wine!

Sour Patch Kids & Chateau del ISH Rose

To bring out the fruity flavor while offsetting the sour, try a rosé! Specifically Bright Cellars’ Chateau del ISH Rose described by Fallis as “sweet and sparkling with notes of strawberry, cherry, peach and shortbread.”

M&M's & 2021 Cactus Park Zinfandel

This wine is “smooth and dry with notes of cherry, plum, fig and milk chocolate,” Fallis said, and will go perfectly with some milk chocolate M&M's. Tootsie Rolls are also delicious with this Zinfandel.

Starbursts & Day & Night Fresh Strawberry Jalisco Mexico

We love pink Starbursts and we love pink wine too! This wine cocktail is “sweet and silky” with notes of “pear, passionfruit, and strawberry.” No Starbursts on hand? Try it with Blow pop lollipops.

Twizzlers, Smarties, or Snickers & Non-Vintage Aromica Private Reserve Red Columbia Valley Washington USA

This versatile wine is “fully sparkling and lightly sweet with notes of peach blossom, yellow apple, and toasted bread,” Fallis said, and goes great with all kinds of sweets from sweet strawberry Twizzlers to nutty Snickers bars.

Whoppers & 2020 World Line Cabernet Sauvignon Chile

And finally, try pairing some malted milk candy with a “mid weight, supple, fresh, and dry” cabernet with “notes of coffee bean, blackcurrant, and plum.”

Now you can curl up, watch some Hocus Pocus, and enjoy some sommelier level treat pairings! And to get you started, Bright Cellars has a very affordable offer of 6 bottles for $55 when you first sign up. Happy sipping!