It's that time of the year again! The house smells like pumpkin spice and Hocus Pocus is most likely making an appearance on your TV screen. Grab that bag of candy you have stashed away for a rainy day and get ready to find out if you're the virgin who lit the black flame or the cat who can inflate back to life after being run over! 

Winifred Sanderson: Twizzlers

Just like Winifred, the leader of the Sanderson sisters, Twizzlers have been around for quite some time. The old and ugliest of the sisters also has bright, Twizzler-red hair and matching lips. If your favorite candy is Twizzlers you definitely have a mature palate (aka why don’t you like any fun candy?!) and have some strong boss qualities in you. You’ll work at what you want no matter who you have to take down along the way.

Sarah Sanderson: Airheads

Though she’s the prettiest of the Sanderson sisters, she’s not all there. Sarah is the biggest airhead of the three sisters and is often the butt of her sisters’ jokes. She definitely seems like the sister who is most eager to attract children (specifically boys) and gets the job done with her creepy little song. Like Sarah, you’re an alluring individual and not afraid to laugh at yourself.

Mary Sanderson: Skittles

Mary, like a quickly ripped open pack of Skittles, is all over the place. Though she is not the brightest around, she is still more competent than Sarah, making her Winifred's right-hand. Mary is also the most caring of the sisters, always calming down Winifred when she freaks out. Mary also comforts Winifred, constantly complimenting her when Winifred talks about how ugly she is. If Skittles are your go-to candy, you're caring and definitely a good friend. 

Max Dennison: Sour Patch Kids

First, he’s sour, then he’s sweet. Max starts off as an uninterested brother who does whatever he can to get some time with Alison, however, throughout the crazy Halloween night adventures, he evolves into a kind and loving brother. Props to Max for being brave enough to sacrifice himself to save his sister after he got them into the mess. He definitely has all the qualities of a true Sour Patch Kid. Just like Max, you’re adventurous enough to risk trouble - however, you can save the day when needed. 

Dani Dennison: Kit Kat

Kit Kat's are a classic candy just like Dani is a classic little sister. This sweet little girl has a spunky crunch to her, making her that much cooler. Yes, she loved Binx and took care of her new cat friend, but let's not forget how she got her parents to make Max take her trick-or-treating. If you're a Kit Kat connoisseur, you're compassionate but know how to get what you want. 

Allison: Starburst

Allison adds a burst of fun to Hocus Pocus. She's kind, smart, and quick on her feet. I mean, who can forget Allison giving Max his own number back?! Iconic. But seriously, this girl is smart - she literally dragged around salt all night just to have a DIY shield. Also, if her relationship with Max doesn't scream "unexplainably juicy" I don't know what does. If you're a Starburst person (shout out to all the people who pick out the pinks and reds), you definitely have good instincts and a kind heart. 

Thackery Binx: Reese's Pieces

Just like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, Thackery is reliable. The kids go to Thackery when they need instruction almost as instantly as you head straight to the Reese’s on the candy shelf! If you’re a peanut butter cup kind of person you’re wise, good under a pressure, and just a bit predictable. 

So this Halloween, stay spooky and include Hocus Pocus in your Halloween movie marathon. Snack on the candy that suits you best, according to your favorite classic character of this timeless Halloween movie.