Since 2011, Wild Friends has been producing a wide variety of nut and seed butters, ranging from chocolate and espresso flavored creations to a unique seasonal collection that boasts gingerbread, pumpkin, and sugar cookie variations.

The company had been exclusively selling nut butters for the past six years, but this October co-founders Keeley and Erika surprised their customers with a brand new product line known as "Nut Butter Oats". This new product gives your classic Quaker Oats a real run for their money. Keep reading to find out more about  your new favorite way to enjoy oatmeal. 

So What Are They?

At their base, Wild Friend's new oatmeal cups are much like your classic hot cereal, but made with gluten-free oats to accommodate a wider range of consumers. What truly sets them apart is the nut butter pack tucked under the lid of each cup. Instead of mix-ins incorporated within the actual oats themselves, a pack of nut butter is included to be squeezed on top of the oatmeal once cooking is complete.

For years, Wild Friends has seen their customers posting images of this creative combination, so the company decided to make this fan-favorite meal even easier to make. Currently, there are two flavors of Nut Butter Oats: almond cashew and peanut cashew. Each included spread is one of the company's "Super Butters", which incorporate ingredients such as honey, chia seeds, and flax into the nut butter. 

Do They Live Up To The Hype?

Louisa Cacchione

The very kind company sent me samples of the new goods so I could taste-test it. As a fan of easy-to-make breakfasts, I was pleased with the product's simple preparation. I also took the company's advice and kneaded the nut butter packet while my oats were cooking. Doing this makes it much easier to squeeze the nut butter on top before you dig in.

Once I stirred in the spreads they provided a delicious sweet yet nutty flavor throughout oatmeal that served as a thickener as well. Next time I am able to enjoy one of these cups, I look forward to experimenting with some creative add-ins such as cinnamon, chocolate chunks, and fresh-cut fruit. 

Where Can I Find Them?

If you'd like to try the Nut Butter Oats for yourself, they're available for purchase at all Sprouts markets and will soon be available from Wild Friends' website. These cups are a truly unique and tasty take on traditional microwaveable oatmeal, so hopefully they'll be hitting the shelves of other retailers sometime in the near future!