What’s more exciting than enjoying a night out with friends? Sharing it on Snapchat in snippets of 1-10 seconds for everyone to see. Put a few filters, maybe a time stamp on it, and your story is proof that the place to be is wherever you and your friends are.

It’s no secret that concerts are practically seen through a lens. We all know those people whose stories reach that too long mark and you’re like, did you even see Drake with your eyes or nah? But how, exactly, does Snapchat affect a Thirsty Thurs, a Friday bar crawl, or a Saturday rager? After being legal for 9 months (first in London, then in the U S of A), I’ve noticed a few ways in how the app changes going out.

You’re about to take shots with your crew, all hands going in for the cheers, but first, let’s take a selfie snap. With everyone going for the story-worthy snap, you’re lucky if the tequila didn’t evaporate. We’re all guilty of it, but sometimes it ruins the spontaneity of it all.


Photo by Rebecca Poole

But, it can also make for a cool story – pun intended. You and your friends will always have an inside joke from that one time when that one person did something way ridiculous. And the videos to prove it.

And who can forget the hilarious filters? You could have your own portfolio of selfies with just the dog filter, TBH. A dingy bar with crappy music and a lackluster crowd looks instantly cooler with the neon overlay and Starburst shots in the background.

Snapchat is also great for the ways in which it’s unfiltered, at least compared to its social media counterparts. There’s no likes to overthink, times of day which are more ideal to post, or a number to keep track of. And *bonus* you can post those silly drunk selfies with your squad, without worrying about your future employer.


Gif courtesy of giphy.com

But when is enough enough? Granted, not everyone thinks about social media like a game to win. You might feel perfectly content sitting on your couch indulging in caramel and marshmallow popcorn watching the latest Game of Thronesmissing out being the least of your fears, but later when you’re scrolling through the stories, it might just creep on you anyway.

Overall, Snapchat can be great for the memories it creates, but also not so great for the moments it can take away. Next time you and your squad roll out for a night on the town, create memories… without the app to keep you company.