Have you ever heard of Spoon University? Even if you have, let me just refresh your brain. Spoon is “the everyday food resource for our generation, on a mission to make food make sense.” The best part about Spoon is that it is all about food and let’s be real, who doesn’t love food? Guess what, WE ARE STARTING A CHAPTER HERE AT SAU!

Our team consists of four main teams: Writers, Photographers, Videographers and Marketers. Doesn’t matter which one you are interested in, we would love to have you. The real question is, “Why should I join Spoon SAU?” It involves food


If you don’t love food, then you are doing your life wrong! We all have to eat and drink to survive, so why not write about it? Whether it’s “What is the best donut place in Iowa?” or “How to live a healthier life,” you can write about it… or take pictures… or take a video… or market it. (We have a lot of options.)

2. We Are Fun/Crazy.

Sorry, if you don’t like having fun and showing your true self, because if that’s the case, you won’t be prepared for us! Our four team leaders like to have a good time! We love dancing, bonding and, of course, eating. We love making new friends and that’s what we plan to do with you guys. We don’t want to seem like your “bosses,” we want you to see us as your fellow bees and most importantly, as your freaking awesome friends.

3. It looks great on your resume.

Whether you’re a freshman with no resume or a senior with a full resume, this opportunity will look bomb on your portfolio. It will show your future employers that you know how to take charge and that you can work in a team environment.

4. It could lead to a job.

Like I said before, it looks amazing on your resume, but you could also possibly get a job through Spoon HQ. There are multiple writers that have started in their college chapter and worked their way up to the HQ in New York City. Yes, I said NYC!

5. We have a lot of events planned for next year!

I know we started our chapter at a really bad time with finals and all, but don’t worry, you can start next fall! You have nothing to do during syllabus week anyways, so why not write a story about booze or food? Our events next year include trying new restaurants together, movie nights and taking a team road trip to hurts donuts in Iowa City!

Our team is super excited to start his chapter here at SAU and we hope that you guys are excited too. If you are reading this, then we at least know you are somewhat interested. I hope the most important question, "Why should I join Spoon SAU?" was answered for you. We can answer any questions you have for us and we would love to meet you!

For further questions, you can email us at: