Hey Cougs! Guess what? Spoon University is coming to our campus. Don’t know what that is? Well, Spoon is a global community that consists of college students exploring the world of food. It is our generations way of staying up to date with the latest food trends and it’s also a great opportunity for you to grow as a person. Why should you join Spoon at Washington State University? Here are 5 reasons:

1. Food is love, Food is life

You obviously love food somewhat if you are reading this article. If not, that’s okay there is so much more to Spoon than food; however, a passion for food would be a bonus. Being a part of Spoon gives you the chance to eat with fellow foodies while also discovering new restaurants, whether it is in the city of Pullman or not. Spoon is your source to everything food related and more! Who doesn’t love food?!

2. Community

Anyone that goes to WSU knows that one thing we all love about the school is its community. Whether you are in greek life, clubs, sports, etc. we all want a place to fit in. Spoon can offer you that. From meeting other Cougs, to meeting other Spoon members in the Spoon community; you'll make many different connections. Who wouldn't want more food buddies to eat out with or drool over pictures of food together?

3. Looks Good on Resumes

Spoon is pretty well known, especially in the food industry. There are so many ways you can contribute, whether that is being a writer, photographer, videographer, editor, or marketing specialist. These skills can help boost your resume when applying for internships and jobs.

4. Personal Growth

Fly … photo by Aziz Acharki (@acharki95) on Unsplash

Unsplash on unsplash

Whether you already have prior experience or are looking to gain experience, you can make a difference in the Spoon community. You'll get the chance to acquire new skills while improving the ones you already have. Spoon will give you the opportunity to figure out your interests, learn how to better communicate, and become a leader. 

5. Why not?

Why wouldn't you want to join Spoon? Take your creativity and your love for food and make something out of it! Who knows maybe one of your articles or videos will go viral. 

I mean... you made it this far; still interested? Come join Spoon at WSU if you love everything food!