Spoon University. Contrary to belief, it is not higher education for cutlery. Instead, Spoon is a new age food publication created by two hungry students; Mackenzie and Sarah who wanted to find a better way to finesse life as college foodies. Soon after, Spoon blossomed into an incredible network of colleges from all around the world with students excited to share their recipes, tips to awesome dorm life, and guides to health and wellness! Now, Spoon is here at the University of Hartford and here's some reasons to be excited to join:

1. Meet other foodies.

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Alex Frank

Who doesn't like to talk about food? Now is your chance to do so unabashedly! The University of Hartford is home to a great deal of different cultures; each with their own unique dishes that are representative of their heritage. Our goal is to explore new food and seek out all of the coolest spots for sustenance on and off campus. Spoon creates the opportunity to meet like minded individuals with a passion for both food and journalism. 

2. Friends will envy your newfound cooking skillz.

Don't have access to a kitchen? Haven't ventured beyond the microwave since the "ramen incident," of freshman year? No worries, collaborating with Spoon will transform you from a cooking novice to a pro by supplying you with tips and tricks on preparing college attainable dishes that taste great (at an affordable price). Your roommates will love you and so will your wallet.

3. Boost that Resume.

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Mackenzie Patel

Working with a Spoon team will teach you how to hone in on many skills needed for life after college. Creating consistent content and attending weekly meetings with us will teach you time management, collaboration with with cool creative people, and how get your videos/photos/ writing in front of a huge audience (and potential employers. BONUS!) There are even leadership positions if you decide to make the long haul with Spoon. 

4. Eating = Working

cake, pizza
Becky Hughes

That's right, now you can Instagram your food without the added shame! Visit all the hotspots around campus and in town to snap pics of that awesome cronut bigger than your hand, or a spectacular looking bowl at your favorite ramen joint for when you're feeling under the weather. As a photo journalist or videographer you will learn how to build an aesthetically pleasing feed with the potential to gain some serious stats. Take that Mom and Dad. 

5. It's fun

These are assignments you'll actually want to do! You get to write about your experiences as a college student. It's time for your voice to be heard and our Spoon team aims to be an outlet from the daily stresses of academia. Together we will create a tight knit group of individuals focused on diversifying representation of all the wonderful cultures on campus, while feeling fun, productive, and inspiring. 

Our team is looking for talented writers, photographers, and videographers with extended interest in social media and platforming. 

If you want to learn more about joining this awesome team please reach out to us by applying HERE or contacting our ED directly at spoonuofh@gmail.com.