Hey Coogs!

Do you like food? I’ll just answer that for you so yes, you do. Wait, that’s an understatement. We’re in Houston, city of foodies who LOVE food. 

I am that girl who lives to eat and I’m pretty dang sure plenty of people will relate with me. So why not join Spoon University at UH and in our exploration of food? They say college is the time to explore!

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Denise Uy

Spoon university is a food publication that offers an incredibly diverse community of college students. You can find simple recipes, restaurant/cafe recommendations, personal stories, life hacks and so much more for your journey to “adulthood.” We give you the perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity and passion for food. If you're not already on your way to join Spoon University at UH, here are some more reasons to do so!

1. Create Your Own Content

Emma Brant

Spoon University consists of four teams: marketing, editorial, photography, and video production team. We provide the platform for content creations of your choice. Write a review about that popular cafe downtown. Make a video about how to make the perfectly balanced lemonade. There are endless amount of ideas to be explored and content to be created.

2. Be Part of a Community

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Alex Frank

Meeting new people, especially those who share your passion, is what college is for. Spoon even offers a global community of students outside of UH and contributors willing to help you develop your skills.

Was there a restaurant or cafe that you've been dying to try? Well, you won't be the only one! We want to have fun bonding over food and want you to be part of that. 

3. Showcase Yourself

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Katherine Baker

Spoon gives you a chance to put yourself out there and be published. This can be what distinguishes you from other applicants' resumes for future employment positions. Not only are you allowing your creative side to be discovered but boosting your resume in the process.

Hopefully, I got you excited and convinced you to apply for Spoon University at UH! For more features of Houston food, visit our Instagram page and make sure to follow.