We’ve seen a trend in college students gaining weight due to the limited healthy food options the University of Arizona currently offers. The food in the student union mostly consists of fast food, including but not limited to Steak N Shake, Panda Express, Chick Fil A, and Papa Johns. When freshman come to the university they tend to gravitate towards late night eating and unhealthy selections in general. We all know first-hand; the "Freshman 15" plus is very real.  

Without home cooked meals and trying to adjust to a certain budget, college students lean on fast, easy, and cheap food choices. Many college students do not know how to cook and many don’t have a car. Students are balancing a social life and academics which leaves no room for going to the gym or spending time curating a healthy meal. That's where @UA_HealthyEats comes in.

University students Betsy Kaplan, Skylar Lowy, and Lauren Smeds created the Instagram account to inspire students to live a healthier lifestyle. By posting easy recipes and frozen food selections, students can find out how to curate their own meals. Here're five reasons why you should follow @UA_HealthyEats.

1. Easy, Healthy Recipes

The account provides students with easy, healthy recipes to make on their own! Pictured above is a homemade ground turkey bowl. Super efficient and delicious.

2. Healthy Options Close to Campus

@UA_HealthyEats not only provides easy recipes, but the account informs students where they can go to get a healthy meal that is not necessarily made at home. We all deserve to eat out once in a while, why not treat ourselves in a healthy style. 

3. Frozen foods

Not the best chef? Don't worry, @UA_HealthyEats has got you covered. The Instagram page posts plenty of healthy frozen food options. Ready and easily available.

4. Desserts

Let's be real, at the end of the day we all deserve dessert. Dessert tends to be the most unhealthy part of your day, however, this Instagram page has got you covered with healthier dessert options. 

5. Aesthetically Pleasing

The key to any Instagram page is it's aesthetic, and @UA_HealthyEats doesn't disappoint. 

So, what are you waiting for? Open up the Instagram app and follow your new guide to healthy eating! Make sure to tag @UA_HealthyEats to be featured.