Going home for the summer means seeing old friends, getting a summer job and realizing the true meaning of boredom. After the novelty of having no classes wears off, you may begin to wonder how the hell you amused yourself for so long in this town.

To stop the daily mind-numbing repetition that summer seems to induce, go explore your hometown with your mind and mouth wide open. Here are 3 reasons why you should explore the food scene in your hometown while you can still go back for the summer.

 People bond over food


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It’s no surprise people bond over food. When you come home for summer, the fastest way to catch up with all the people you haven’t talked to since Christmas is dinner. Yelp, Thrillist and Spoon are great sites to find places you’ve never tried.

For those specific people you want to talk to one-on-one, lunch is the perfect casual way to spend an hour or two talking. Find an outdoor, summertime spot with fresh food and great vibes.

It will make you appreciate your hometown


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Hometown pride is often hard to feel if you’ve never explored the city where you grew up. Knowing the coolest place to have a burger, somewhere with live music or just a great place to relax and enjoy good food will automatically make you appreciate the place where you grew up.

Then, when you hear people talking about the best *blank* ever, you will rise up with hometown pride and reveal their falsities for all to see. Because you found this one place, 5 minutes away from your childhood home that definitely broke the world with how good their *blank* is.

When you know your hometown, you will automatically feel more connected and loyal to it in every way.

You will become more adventurous elsewhere


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Pushing boundaries with food will eventually spill over into all aspects of your life. When your friends want to stay in and watch a movie or don’t even know what they want, you will find yourself planning an adventure. Whether it’s a trip to the beach, a restaurant you’ve never been to or inventing a new drinking game, you will find other ways to explore your life.

So don’t to settle for the same old, boring summer, go explore your hometown and the yums it has to offer and make this summer, and your life, nothing less than the best.

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