It's Thursday, mid-day, and you either just got out of your 10:55 or bed, and you're starved. Don't know if heading to Reamer or Upper is worth it? Well, look no further than Rathskeller's Farm to Grill BBQ.

What is this Farm to Grill BBQ? 

Tori Carter

From 11:30am to 2pm, weather permitting, Union students and faculty line up outside of "Skeller." The long line is definitely worth it for some local and organically grown food. Trust me, there is a difference compared to our dinning hall food. Yes people, this means all natural, farm fresh eats with no nitrates. Talk about having a healthy and delicious lunch. 

How much will it cost me?

onion, pork
Tori Carter

Basically, nothing. The great thing about "Skeller" is that you can use meal swipes there, so if you are running low on declining this is a weekly go-to. For one or two meal swipes, not only can you save that all important declining, but you can get a great meal on a Thursday afternoon. 

What can I expect to eat at this BBQ?

beef, bacon
Tori Carter

The menu each week includes locally made Italian sausage, locally raised and free range chicken breast, portobello mushroom sandwiches and grass-fed beef burgers. Also, sautéed onions and peppers can be added to everything. 

Oh, and all entrees are served with house made chips and an adirondack pickle. The menu even offers add-ons to each main entree such as thick-cut New York state bacon and aged cabot cheddar cheese.

Tori Carter

The vibes outside of "Skeller" on Thursday afternoons are contagious. That delicious smell of food being grilled fills the air and tastes even better on a warm and sunny day - talk about an end of the week pick me up. So try to beat the rush (the closer to 11:30am the better) and make it to Rathskeller's Farm to Grill BBQ. I promise you will not regret it.