The Vegan Kind is a global subscription service that also offers an online vegan supermarket. They have two different subscription boxes: one called the ‘lifestyle box’, which includes food, toiletries and household products, and another called the ‘beauty box’, which I think is self-explanatory. You subscribe monthly for the lifestyle box, and quarterly for the beauty box. Even better, each month subscribers get to help choose the charity of the month, and The Vegan Kind will donate a portion of the profits from each box sold to this charity!

As a foodie, I am always looking for interesting subscription boxes to try out. The Vegan Kind has been on my radar for a long time (I may or may not have spent hours watching YouTube videos of people opening past boxes — why is it so satisfying?), and in August, I took advantage of a discount to get my box for a couple of pounds less than their normal price. 

cake, chocolate, tea
Andreina Cecchini

My box came a week after the payment was processed and I had a pleasant surprise: it topped my expectations. Together with a special recipe from Ginger Vegan, the box included:

Sweet Freedom’s Choc Pot (RRP £3.85)

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Andreina Cecchini

I had tried the Sweet Freedom chocolate syrup before and enjoyed it during some cold winter nights, but this spread completely changed the game. It still tastes quite similar to the chocolate syrup, but I tried it in a sandwich paired with some crunchy peanut butter and oh my! It might not be as healthy as I like to pretend, but it’s so delicious!

Candy Kittens’ Sweet Peach (RRP £2.19)

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Andreina Cecchini

Funnily enough, I had tried these sweets only a couple of days before my box arrived so these weren't something new to me (it was even the same flavour!). Admittedly, they're a bit chewy, but I think it's hard to get the same consistency as you'd find in non-vegan sweets due to the lack of animal products. However, they were quite nice — a bit sour but covered in sugar!

Almighty Foods’ Organic Strawberry Blonde Bar (RRP £2.89)

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Andreina Cecchini

This was the real revelation of the whole box. It was the thinnest chocolate bar I have ever seen, but it was so creamy. Plus, the strawberry powder on the top gives a nice kick to an otherwise plain chocolate. I will definitely purchase it on its own!

Emily Veg Crisps (RRP n/a)

Andreina Cecchini

To be completely honest, I am not a great fan of vegetables crisps, so I am not the right person to give a review of this product. What I can say is that it’s definitely healthy and a good, crunchy replacement for regular crisps — if you're a fan of the genre!

Native Unearthed’s Activated Charcoal Natural Deodorant Bar (RRP £6.99)

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Andreina Cecchini

Yes, yes and again, yes! This deodorant is easy to put on and the scent is lovely. Okay, I may still have to try the durability on the body (but do you really want to read about my — erm — armpits?), but I’ve been searching for a natural deodorant for so long that I was ecstatic to find this one in the box! 

Overall rating: 9/10

So the box scores pretty solidly. It was definitely worth the cost — even if I'd bought it full price, as it would have been £10 against a minimum of £16 retail price, not to mention the actual availability of the products in shops. Plus, it allowed me to discover new food and lifestyle products exactly as it had promised! Do I recommend it? Yes, I do. Especially if you're not vegan, but are intrigued by vegan products and don’t know where to start. Besides, it provides great entertainment for your cats (see below)!

coffee, cake, tea
Andreina Cecchini