It's that time of year again: A time of overly commercialized romance and an excess of PDA. Valentine's Day is less than a week away. For some, this could mean a fancy night out with the boyfriend, or a late-night booty call. But for all those single ladies out there, Galentine's Day is in full effect.

There are a number of reasons why a night with the girls trumps any night out with your boy-toy.

1. You can eat all the garlic you want without having to worry about your breath.

Your friends won't care! They (more than likely) won't be kissing you this Galentine's Day. Chances are, they'll want to indulge with you. Bad breath is nonexistent on a girl's night.

2. (Good) friends will always encourage you to reach for that extra cookie (or three).

Valentine's Day is a day of indulgence. Oftentimes we get so wrapped up in other people that we forget to take care of ourselves. So eat that cookie, own that cookie, and think only about the relationship between you and that cookie. It's as simple as that.

3. You won't be dropping money on a gift for bae, which means more money to spend on food.

Ben & Jerry's and Chill? Think about it this way. You could buy about 25 pints of ice-cream for the price of a fancy watch. I know which purchase I'd prefer—but the choice is yours.

4. Friends never judge you on your ability to get drunk on only two glasses of wine.

If anything, they'll toast to your tipsiness. I'm a lightweight, you're a lightweight, let's all be lightweights together! The answer is always more wine. What's the question again?

5. You can swoon over Jamie Dornan from Fifty Shades without judgment.

When was the last time you and your boyfriend sat down around the TV with wine and popcorn, gossiping about how hot other guys are. It just doesn't happen. Fifty Shades Darker is a girl's night just waiting to happen.

6. The only decisions you have to make throughout the night are the decisions between red and white, chocolate and vanilla, Mean Girls and Clueless.

"Is he into me?" "Is he mad at me?" "Should we DTR?" Instead of overanalyzing men's thoughts, you should be asking yourself the more important questions in life: Should we open another bottle of wine?

While appreciating the single life can be hard, you gain so much more independence as a women when you do. No guy can give you that sense of self-assurance and confidence that being a badass woman gives you!

*Pours more wine.*