For anyone that isn't willing to make the drive down to Indianapolis just to visit Trader Joe's (guilty as charged), you might not know what you're missing. We like to joke that Purdue is in the middle of nowhere Indiana, but as one of the top-ranked public universities in the nation, I believe we have a right to a Trader Joe's in our own backyard. Here are some reasons why we need one in West Lafayette ASAP.

1. Budget Friendly Buys

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Jocelyn Hsu

As much as I love walking into Fresh City Market while I'm on campus to grab a study snack, I don't love the hefty price I have to pay for a bag of chips. Trader Joe's has notoriously low prices on everything from study snacks to dorm room staples.

For everyone out there surviving without a meal plan, a grocery haul at TJ's makes prepping meals so much more affordable. It's possible to make a week's worth of lunches using food bought at Trader Joe's for under $15. 

2. Specialty Diet Selection

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Cloe Savino

Purdue's dining courts do a great job of providing food for those with dietary restrictions and clearly labeling food allergies. The selection at Trader Joe's for those dealing with special diets is just as grand.

In addition to their extensive list of vegan products found all around the store, TJ's also offers must have items for those following a paleo or gluten-free diet. Their soft-baked snickerdoodles, free from the top eight common food allergies, rival even your mom's fresh-baked snickerdoodles. 

3. Freezer Must-Haves

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Shannon Carney

Most dorm freezers lack the capacity to keep all your favorite treats on hand, but TJ's frozen items are worth the space. The store has everything you could ever imagine in its freezer section, from exotic burgers to cheesecakes to veggie blends.

Imagine not having to leave your dorm to enjoy falafels, potstickers, or spinach and artichoke dip at two in the morning. With a Trader Joe's nearby, and a well-stocked freezer, this would all be possible. 

4. Employment Opportunities

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Sage Moran

There will always be students looking for part-time work on a college campus. The addition of a Trader Joe's to West Lala would offer an amazing place for students to find work. They are notorious for treating their workers well and attracting passionate individuals to become a part of their team.

5. Variety of Products

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Sadie Vitkus

I always find myself visiting more than one grocery store to buy everything I need to keep my pantry stocked. Why can't one store offer affordable tahini, fresh vegetables, and gourmet frozen meals?

All our multi-store grocery trip problems would be solved with Trader Joe's. It's probably the only store where you can get cheap wine, chia seed peanut butter, and cheese infused with caramelized onions.

6. Free Samples

Jenna Thomas

There's always a food demo going on in TJ's to introduce you to some of their products. It's a great way to discover new items in the store and to find out creative ways to use your favorite Trader Joe's buys.

Additionally, you can request to try any product before you buy it. This eliminate any fears of spending money on something you won't end up liking, especially because of their no questions asked return policy. 

7. Non-grocery Items

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Anna Bradley

If their amazing food doesn't have you convinced, Trader Joe's also offers beauty products and decorative items that are perfect for anyone. Treat yourself to some fancy body butter and a bouquet of flowers. 

8. Trader Joe's Brand Products

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Annie Pinto

There are just some items that you will only be able to find at a Trader Joe's, and for this reason alone, West Lafayette needs their own store. Their branded cookie butter is practically world famous, they have more pumpkin products than you could ever wish for, and I promise you that their Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing potato chips are worth every penny. 

Until the day we are fortunate enough to have a Trader Joe's on Purdue's campus, it looks like I'll be commuting to Indy every now and again to get my fix of TJ's. That, and getting all my friends to request a store here so one day we may be lucky enough to have a store of our own.