Totino's Pizza to me, growing up, was a special treat and an absolute favorite. Every time I saw my dad pulling that Triple-Meat pizza from the freezer I knew it was going to be a good night. 

But now that I've moved out of the house and it's up to me to cook dinner or figure out what foods to serve at a party, I still know the frozen pizza brand I'm going to go to: Totino's Pizza. 

Here's my list of reasons (and foods) that Totino's should be the staple at your next football watch party or kids birthday. 

#Sponsored: This article is sponsored in part by Totino's and part by my sheer love for their pizza. 

1. Nostalgia

We all experienced nights as a kid, and now as young adults, where cooking was just too much of a hassle. And every single time, without even remembering how they came into your possession, out came the Totino's pizza or pizza rolls. Taking a bite of these now can almost guarantee you'll be taken back to simpler times.  

2. Inexpensive Yet Delicious

As college students who might not have a campus meal plan, going out to eat and getting fresh groceries can be stressful and time consuming. But for less than $10 at Target you can get 120 pizza rolls. One hundred and twenty. With that many you can serve them to a group of your closest friends. Or you could realize the treasure you have sitting in your freezer and keep them for yourself. 

3. People Pleaser

Anytime I have friends over at my apartment, be it for a study group or a party, I always have to serve food. Something that I've served time and again is Totino's pizza rolls but now they've come out with something new and even more amazing: the Snack Mix. You can get the Original Snack Mix with the OG pepperoni pizza rolls, cheesy marinara bites, mini mozzarella sticks, and garlic bread bites. The other option is the American Snack Mix with cheeseburger pizza rolls, ham and cheese bites, cheddar bites, and potato bites.

I was lucky enough to try these before they hit the shelves and I couldn't stop telling everyone about them. At only $8.79 for 90 pieces, this is definitely something you should serve at your next party. 

4. Small Enough for One

The other good thing about Totino's products is that they sell all their favorites in sizes that are small and cheap enough for one person to enjoy. I don't usually cook for anyone more than myself, so when I want something that isn't going to crowd my freezer or fill my refrigerator with leftovers, I go with Totino's. 

5. Easy Party Eating

The last, but not least plus, about getting Totino's pizza rolls or their new Snack mix, is that they're super easy to eat. Take one and pop it in your mouth, or get a plate and treat yourself. The only thing you'll need to be washing is the pan you cooked them on. 

#Tip: Affectionately called "lava rolls" by true fans, nibble off opposite corners of the rolls and blow air through the middle to avoid burning your tongue. This will give the hot air inside a chance to escape so you can eat them faster. 

Pizza, in all its forms, is truly delicious, but none so delicious as the Totino's pizza. Inexpensive, delicious, and sure to please all, the next time you go to the store make sure you pick up your very own Party Pizza or Snack Mix today.