You might not be a fan of the Kardashians/you might even hate them, but you cannot deny that their bodies have been looking especially hot recently. All three sisters, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe, Snapchat multiple times a day and most days we get a glimpse into how they keep their bodies on point. Sticking to routine, all three sisters Snapchat their workouts on the daily, which gives us an inside look at their different workouts.



Photo courtesy of @khloekardashian on Snapchat

Khloe mixes up her workouts and works with celebrity trainers Don-A-Matrix and Gunnar Peterson from time to time. Not to mention she always has the best workout gear.

Khloe’s Snapchat stories usually include videos of herself or Kourtney sweating it out, and most pictures and videos include the amount of reps they do of each exercise, which makes it easy for anyone to replicate themselves.

For example, here’s a picture of Khloe on the step climber, a good cardio workout if you hate running, telling you exactly how long she uses it for.


Photo courtesy of @khloekardashian on Snapchat

Another video from Khloe’s Snap story shows her working her arms and even tells you how many reps she does per workout. The captions on these stories could help you replicate Khloe’s whole workout and are great for beginners in the gym



Photo courtesy of @kourtneykardash on Snapchat

Kourtney mainly works out alongside Khloe, proving that the buddy system is a necessity even when exercising. She also tends to include daily information about where she’s working, what exercise she’s doing, and how tough it can be.

Kourtney’s Snap of this pilates reformer shows that she is always mixing up her workouts, which is another good tip for those eager to try going to the gym.



Photo courtesy of @kimksnapchats on Instagram

Kim K. posts pictures about her baby weight loss journey, ranging from pictures of her medicine ball and other equipment, to hills she’s about to sprint up, to pictures of her weight on her scale. A glimpse into her routine could help you when your stuck on ideas of what to do in the gym.

Who knew that following the Kardashian sisters on Snapchat might help you find that fitness inspiration you needed? On top of that, their Snapchats help you score tips and ideas from famous trainers. And don’t forget, you never know when you might see a video of Kim exposing someone on her Snapchat.