The wonderful thing about avocado toast is that you can have it for any meal- whether it be breakfast, lunch, a mid-day snack, or dinner. With that said, is there anywhere you can go besides The Granola Bar where you will have a holy avocado toast experience? Modern diner, The Granola Bar, makes your avocado toast the way you want it. As TGB Founders and Owners Julie Mountain and Dana Noorily say, "Give the people what they want". 

A Way to Express Yourself

The Granola Bar prides themselves on enabling customers to  express themselves through their avocado toast orders. Because of this, we are able to further expand our foodie-filled lives. Who will you be today? Your avo toast choice says it all. 

The Classic

Of course, The Granola Bar menu does have your staple avocado toast- simple yet delish avocado served on toasted multigrain bread. Customers will be dreaming about the OG avo toast for days. 

The Variety

Since The Granola Bar is a breakfast and lunch oasis that pushes all of the boundaries, it's only necessary they have toppings to satisfy everyone's taste buds.

Pro tip: if you aren't in the mood for toasted multigrain bread, try their sour dough, gluten free, paleo flax, or challah bread.

TGB avocado toast topping choices:

-Soft egg

-Feta & crushed red pepper flakes

-Apple, goat cheese & honey

-Hummus, seared tomato & green goddess dressing

-Bacon & parmesan jalapeño sauce

-Chive cream cheese & sausage

-Buffalo chicken

-House cured salmon 

Pro tip: if you are adding a soft egg, add the feta & crushed red pepper flakes too! #gottadoboth. 

Be a dare devil by layering those toppings on!!! How many  can you handle? 

The Aesthetic

Your Instagram feeds are probably flooded with pictures of TGB's food and you are wondering what all of the fuss is about. No matter what toppings you choose, your server is going to deliver you a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing avocado toast. Now, it's your turn to have Instagram pictures that will make all of your followers drool. #runnyeggshots

Not only are all of the avocado options at The Granola Bar delicious, but they help you decide what type of foodie you will be. Are you satisfied with a simple avocado smear on toasted multigrain bread or do you want to push your foodie limits and top it off with some chive cream cheese and sausage? 

The Executive Chef's Opinion

The Granola Bar's Executive Chef, Neil Rohricht says, "The Granola Bar’s avocado toast is the best because we start with quality. While all the special additions are fun and certainly delicious, at its core the simplicity of beautiful fresh ingredients are the real star of the dish. We use fresh baked bread, delivered daily from a local bakery. Our chefs bring in hundreds of pounds of avocado a day across all of our locations and rotate them carefully so we can use them at peak ripeness. We only add some citrus and salt and pepper to the mash so we can allow the natural goodness of the fresh bread and ripe avocado to shine."

"The Granola Bar’s Avocado Toast stands tall as a simple, healthy, and fulfilling treat. When you add the selection of carefully crafted toppings, it's a can’t miss!" comments Rohrict. 

Head on over to The Granola Bar to grab some avocado toast that will make your meal worthwhile. When you enter through The Granola Bar doors, get ready to ask yourself, "What kind of avocado toast am I?"