Recently, I began my own food blog on Instagram, or what I like to call it, a foodstagram. After a few weeks of developing one, I came across the many obstacles of a foodstagram. Is the lighting too dark in this restaurant? My plate has a mark on it, can I get a new one?

These are the type of questions I often asked myself before snapping 500 angle shots of my food to get the perfect one. So, before any of you begin your own foodstagram, maybe you should know the reason why it is so hard to begin one.

You Need The Perfect Lighting 

Finding the right lighting when taking a picture of your food is extremely difficult. If it is too light, then your hand becomes a shadow over your food. If it is too dark, you won't be able to see what ingredients are on your pizza.

Walking out of the restaurant with your plate to capture good lighting would be stealing, and a little embarrassing. Switching to a table that's by a window would make people stare. So make sure you pick a table that has good lighting or have people help you take it from the best angle. 

Angles Are Key

I figured out that taking a picture of my plate from my seat is not the greatest angle. Why? Because your body automatically becomes a giant shadow over your plate, an your followers won't be able to see your full meal. Having a good angle is very hard because it takes at least 20 tries before getting the right one. 

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Customers at the Restaurant Start to Stare at You

When you take multiple pictures from different angles, instead of devouring your delicious food, people will stare. Then you start to feel judged, but you tend not to care. As long as you get the perfect picture for your foodstagram, all is right in the world. 

Caption's Start to Become Difficult

Jacquelyn Roberto

Using the same adjectives to describe your food becomes repetitive and uncreative. It takes me at least 5-10 minutes to come up with my caption, and then I will then edit it five more times until it is perfect. 

Your Friends Hate You for Interrupting Their Eating Time

I found myself liking my friend's plate more than my own, and this was not good. I had to stop my friends from eating in order to take 500 pictures of their plates. They would say things like: "Really, Jackie? I am hungry! Hurry up!" No wonder they hate me.

Trying to Get Followers is Difficult

Jacquelyn Roberto

Starting from the ground up is challenging. The only followers I started with were my friends. Slowly other foodstagram accounts began to follow me and I discovered more blogs. However, not many follow you back. This is difficult because you get anxious when it comes to people liking your photographs.

You Begin to Realize You Eat A LOT 

After your 5th or 6th foodstagram post, you begin to question yourself. I first thought to myself, "Man, I eat great food." And then it turned into me worrying about how much food I actually consume. 

Having a foodstagram is fun and a great way to use your creative side when it comes to all things food. If you love food and picture taking, then go for it! Just remember, I warned you. 

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