You're not alone if you think eating healthy sometimes takes the joy out of eating. It's hard to ignore all the bright and colorful packages filled with sugary treats and pick a salad or piece of fruit. This is what squeezable packaging is striving to change. In order to make healthy eating more fun, many companies are bringing healthy foodies back to their childhoods by putting healthy foods into squeezable packages. While this change may seem simple and trivial, it actually has a lot of benefits. 

It's good for you!

It's usually a basic rule of thumb that anything in a plastic package is filled with preservatives and artificial flavoring, aka not good for you. But this isn't true with the squeezable packages. Companies like Zellee Organic fit organic, non-GMO, and real fruit and plant-based foods into these packages. So now to fulfill your daily fruit servings, you no longer need to eat boring whole fruit or even a smoothie, because you can get your servings in with this fruit gel, which has vitamins and antioxidants packed into it. 

It keeps up with your on the go lifestyle!

Whenever people are in a rush or running late, the first thing to go is usually mealtime or snack time. Luckily with squeezable food, which conveniently fits in a bag or pocket, it's meant to be eaten on the go. And even better, these squeezable foods are not only filled with healthy ingredients that are good for you, but they'll also keep your energy levels high because they're made with real ingredients. 

It takes you back to your childhood!

Remember the days of Go-gurts and push pops? Sadly, as real adults, it's no longer completely acceptable in society for us to be walking around with these snacks. But this is where new adult-approved squeezable fruits and applesauce come in. So it may not be acceptable for an adult to walk around squeezing the last drop out of a flavorice pops, but it is acceptable to walk around squeezing a tube filled with fruit gel. So now you can reminisce about your childhood with a new and improved healthier version of how to make eating food more fun. 

While you should never judge a book by its cover, judging a food by its packaging is sometimes a must. Eating squeezable food not only transports us back a decade, to when everything in life was easy, but also gives us many easy health benefits.