Food is addictive and being healthy is too hard, it's simple. While everyone wants to "go healthy" in their life, it truly is not as easy as all the infomercials or nutritionists say it is. Having the motivation and passion is just as good as following through with the diet, according to me. While I respect the diet hustle, all I'm saying is that it takes a really strong mindset to keep on track, which is no easy feat, here's why: 

1. Your taste for food will not change just because you want them to 

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Christine Chang

Just because you want to "eat healthier foods" does not mean that you will stop craving your favorite weaknesses. Let's be real, you cannot just give up something for good; sometimes diet cheating is necessary for sanity and happiness. 

2. Will-power is only so real

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Gabby Phi

The infamous line you tell yourself at least twice a week, "you do not need any more you aren't even hungry" or "try and only have one this time." Will-power may be real to some people, but you can't lie to yourself, you know you're not better than that donut and you need it in your belly, like yesterday.

3. Healthy foods are good, just not everyday 

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Julia Maguire

Realistically,  healthy foods can taste pretty good, but sometimes other foods are just better. Going on a diet is hard because healthy food takes up your whole life. Most of the time the fun in eating healthy food is just getting a picture of it; after all, pics or didn't happen!

4. Looks matter

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Devon Flinn

Food completely breaks the rule of "don't judge a book by its cover". If I see something that looks good, chances are I am not passing it up. Sometimes one of the hardest parts of sticking to your diet is seeing what your friends ordered for dinner. Saying "no thank you" is 10x harder than screaming "YES PLEASE!"

5. Diets are expensive 

It is no surprise that joining a diet program is expensive, but even going out to the grocery store is super costly. The healthier or more organic your shopping list is, the more money it is. Aka you should probably just give up on the diet now before you go broke. 

While adopting healthier eating habits is better for your overall wellbeing, the underlying difficulties of sticking to it most definitely goes unnoticed. We all must face the fact that no one wants to admit: sometimes dieting is just too damn hard.