Growing up, crepes were a pretty big staple in my diet. Whether it was at a cafe in the small town next to mine, in France on vacation, or multiple times a week when my mom would cook up palacinke (Serbian crepes), I could always get my fix. However, when I was just a teenager I discovered a Philly cheesesteak crepe and realized that I had been ignoring their savory applications. This article is here to discuss just that, and give crepes (or palacinke) the credit they deserve

The Basic

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Elise Takahama

Normal dessert crepes are made with white flour and usually filled with Nutella, jelly, a combination of cinnamon and sugar, or Speculoos. For a quick and easy recipe, click here. They are just the right amount of sweet and often fill a craving for a sweet but ~classier~ breakfast meal. Everyone recognizes the Nutella and strawberry or Nutella and banana crepe. While it is a classic, it's not all that these crepes are capable of. 

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Jeanne Penn

The Underdog

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Caroline Ingalls

Savory crepes can be prepared the same way as dessert crepes, or they can use buckwheat flour to give a less sweet flavor and more dense texture. When it comes to filling these crepes, anything goes. The most common items would be typical omelet add-ins, but if you're anything like me, that just circles back to literally anything you can imagine. 

Palacinke are my Best Pal

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Breffni Neary

I'm a big proponent on changing up your meals on a pretty regular basis. Crepes are a great, quick, and fun way to eat some carbs instead of always having rice, pasta, or bread. The only ingredients you really need to make crepes are milk, sugar, flour, and eggs. These items are great options for all of us broke college kids out there.

If you can't decide what you want for breakfast, I say go with a crepe. It will fulfill all your pancake desires, while being versatile enough to feign the satisfaction of a stuffed omelette. 

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Ethan Cappello

If you're stuck on what to eat for lunch, what's stopping you from whipping up a few crepes, or better yet having one that's leftover from breakfast and rolling up a little sandwich? After all, crepes can be stored in the fridge for up to five days, or in the freezer for up to two months. 

Rolling It Up

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Elise Takahama

These delicious, "thin pancakes" serve more purposes than an artsy nutella and fruit-covered insta whenever we visit a creperie. They are the binding to your favorite dessert and your favorite meal. They can be your new favorite snack, your go-to item in the freezer or the fridge. They are a catapult into a fancier and classier lifestyle.

Many cultures throughout Europe use crepes and have used crepes for centuries for their inexpensive nature, their ease to cook up, and their delicious taste. I think it's about time that we start our own crepe-revolution and mix up our diets, starting with the batter.