If you're a Gilmore Girls fan, you've been giddy for the past 6 months after getting the news that Netflix will be producing a revival of the series, set to be released next month. And if you're a fanatic (like me), you know that the show has been releasing a ton of exciting promotional material–the latest of which was a series of popup Luke's Diners across the country.

When I heard about the stunt, I immediately cleared my schedule and started planning my trip to the Luke's set to open in Brighton. There were only two locations in Massachusetts–the other one being in Cambridge–so I was fully prepared to wait behind all the other honorary Stars Hollow citizens to get my coffee. But when I got there, I'll admit I was surprised by the line–it was down two blocks and around the corner.

wine, beer
Laura Bailey

I was committed, though. The line took two hours, my hands nearly froze and I came within 10 minutes of missing my 1 PM class, but I made it and it was worth it. The coffee shop that volunteered to be transformed is called Cafénation–it's on Washington Street in Brighton, and it's absolutely delightful.

beer, coffee, bacon, tea, cake
Laura Bailey
They had a huge food menu, all of which was sold out from the crazy crowds. The baristas were clad in Luke's aprons and backwards baseball hats, and the beloved "No Cell Phones" sign was hanging up at the counter–although it was not enforced
beer, tea, coffee
Laura Bailey
The coffee came in cups with Luke's-branded sleeves and quotes from Lorelei, as well as a Snapchat code to unlock a special Luke's filter. 
milk, coffee, cream, chocolate, cappuccino, sweet, espresso
Laura Bailey

There was also a nice Luke's cardboard cut out reminding us why we love him so much–his lovable intolerance of everyone and everything. The coffee was good, and being semi-transported to my favorite fictional town was great.

chocolate, bread
Laura Bailey

The only only thing that would've made the experience better? If Luke himself had been there. Too bad actor Scott Patterson doesn't live in Boston, or I might have been as lucky as these fans in Beverly Hills. But I'm not complaining, that's for sure.