Tree-hugging, veggie-loving, put-down-that-burger girl turned into a full-fledged carnivore. They say once you get past the first few months, being a vegetarian becomes a lifestyle. Sure, that's true—if you've never had a rack of ribs, or a juicy burger topped with bacon bits, or turkey on Thanksgiving. 

What does meat even taste like?

Prior to my "transformation" (is this Twilight now?), I never had meat from what I can remember. I became a vegetarian when I was 6, so I didn't really remember the taste of any meat I had in my years prior. It's a fun fact for ice-breakers, but do I regret missing out on meat for 8 years? Yes.

It all began on a family vacation in North Carolina.

Every summer, my family upheld the tradition of taking a week-long vacation to North Carolina. Vacations are great—lots of memories, scenic pictures, riveting adventures and killer food. As a vegetarian, though, "killer food" consisted of veggies, salads and fruit; meanwhile, my family enjoyed the hot spots with the best grub.

Needless to say, picking a restaurant was always a struggle. In fact, my stubborn self caused multiple fights with the fam over where to eat. But one night while reluctantly eating at a local mountain BBQ joint, I caved. My cousins lured me in with a bomb-ass rack of ribs, and one weak moment swept away all of my devotions to a meat-free lifestyle.

The rest is history—a carnivorous, much better history.

Being a vegetarian is great. There are tons of health benefits, and the U.S. average life expectancy would probably be way longer if we all committed ourselves to this lifestyle. HA. Who am I kidding? I'm going to eat my meat and enjoy it, too. 

Shoutout to vegetarians for killing it; well, technically not killing it, but still. It was fun being a part of the crew for 8 years, but I'm going to remain on the dark side. If you're considering going vegetarian, though, give it a try. Just be sure to never have meat again once you've committed yourself. All in all, it's not too tough being a vegetarian. 

Now vegans, that's a different story.