As a student in the agriculture industry, I see a lot of hate projected onto the industry. It's hard to see friends and even family thinking the agriculture industry is out to hurt them. No matter your opinion on the agriculture industry, I am happy that you care about the food that is going into your body. 

You Appreciate the Craftsmanship of Food

Whether the craftsmanship is from the flavors or the appearance, I'm proud that you understand all that goes into your food. Flavors can be tough to match, especially when a restaurant or individual chef wants to make a uniquely flavored dish.

We put in the work making sure your product is flavorful, aesthetically appeasing and safe. You care about the hard work we put into food, and we appreciate it.

You Can Make Smarter Consumer Choices

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Maxine Mendoza

When you’re food obsessed, you know how to eat. This means you can fuel your body for a race or that tough calculus test, as well as when you have a hard day and your best friends become Ben & Jerry. Knowing how food affects your body and what makes you feel good can help you buy the right foods, which is something to cheer about.

Your Political Food Stance

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Alex Frank

We are living in rapidly changing times, which means we are always pressed to form an opinion on a subject. One of the best ways to support your opinion is through your food choices. Purchasing from Starbucks could mean that you support veterans and the company's choice to have great healthcare for their employees. On the contrary, if you don't prescribe to the anti-GMO movement, Chipotle's anti-GMO stunts could lead you to Qdoba.

You Want to Share Your Food Experiences

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Liza Levitis

Do it! Instagram that burger, salad, dessert or whatever food you just ate. Trust me, there were a lot of people involved in the process of getting it from the field to your fork. Knowing how your food arrived on your plate and the process it took to get there is the greatest way to appreciate the agriculture and food production industry.