1) Oats can do the most. 

Versatility is a BIG plus for college students. No one wants to eat the same meal every day. Oats change the game - you can bake them into sweet muffins, make warm, satisfying baked oatmeal, throw them into your protein shake or smoothie to make your post-workout drink a bit more substantial, make your own homemade granola, or my personal favorite - soak some in milk overnight for overnight oats (the perfect on-the-go breakfast for busy college students). By switching up the method of preparation on these bad boys, you end up with an infinite amount of breakfast/snack options.

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Caitlin Shoemaker

2) Loooooong shelf life

It's stressful enough to keep up with midterms, projects, quizzes, internships, jobs, and clubs - throwing grocery shopping into the mix just increases the amount of things you have to worry about. Oats can cut down on the frequency of trips to the store, as they can last up to 2 years or longer at room temperature if stored properly. Because of this convenient feature, all you have to do is stock up once and use them as you go. 

3) They're easy on the wallet

You can buy a giant 32 oz package of oats at Walmart or almost any other grocery store for $6-$12 dollars, depending on the brand you like, etc. 32 ounces is approximately 17 or 18 half-cup servings. You could potentially make breakfast for almost twenty days. It beats eating out, and they're quite a bit more filling than breakfast bars - making them a smart financial choice.

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Anna Arteaga

4) Oats are #HeartHealthy

Oats come with their own set of amazing health benefits. They're recommended as a means to lower your LDL-cholesterol (AKA the bad kind of cholesterol) thanks to their high soluble fiber content. A reduction in LDL cholesterol can, in turn, improve your cardiovascular health. Other benefits you get thanks to this soluble fiber include feeling full for longer, having better-controlled blood sugar levels, and promoting growth of the good gut bacteria - all things we LOVE to see. Take a peek at this article for more in-depth deets on the health benefits of this grain. 

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Katherine Baker

Basically, oats are cheap, healthy, delicious, and make so much sense for a busy student's lifestyle. Next time you make it to the grocery store, stick a tub of oats into your cart - you won't regret it.