Many things can make or break a relationship, but in my opinion, food is definitely one of the top factors.  Here a few reasons why couples who eat together, stay together. 

1. It means you have similar taste in food

This can really make or break a relationship… I mean if you don't like ice cream, I’m sorry but we just don't have enough in common for this to work out. Also having the same pizza order just makes things SO convenient.

2. Learning to share with one another

Sharing is key in any relationship, and eating together is one of the easiest ways to gauge one's willingness to share. Sorry but if your dinner looks better than mine you have to know I'm taking a bite no matter what.

3. Only time when food babies are cute

Whats better than cuddling when your food babies touch!!!???!! There's just so much more to love!

4. Messy foods make you more comfortable with each other

There's a certain level of comfort that comes with eating messy food with your special someone. If you're ordering ribs or wings with your significant other, I respect that.

5. Food can fix any fight

A lot of fights can be started with food, but in my experience 99% of fights can be fixed with food if you know what to order. #hangerisreal

6. Learn about each other through food

Peoples’ tendencies with food can be very telling of their personality… Vegan? They're committed.  Did they cheat on their diet within the first hour? They're impulsive, but also realistic. 

7. Agreeing on a restaurant is just about the biggest milestone any couple can hope for

Choosing where and what to eat can be incredibly stressful in a relationship, but eating together can form habits and you'll slowly learn what your partner craves and when.

8. No food shaming

Pretty simple: don't yuck my yum unless you wanna get dumped.

9. Favorite foods make the best gifts

Not everyone really wants boring old chocolates as a gift… the best gift might be a dozen buffalo wings, popcorn, or even pickles but you'll never truly know unless you eat with your significant other. 

10. Romantic home cooked meals

Doesn't get any better than that.

Now that you know why couples who eat together stay together,  you can start planning a few date nights with that special someone. Eat up!