Love, hook-ups, long drives, cheesy conversations, fights, commitments, jealousy, and on and on. Is your notion of building a happy love relationship limited to only these aforementioned things?

If yes, then let me tell you all that sometimes, building a solid relationship with your partner isn’t just about what you do or what you feel; rather it’s more about how often you two manage to go out for “the gastronomical dates” together.

From having the best waffles in town for breakfast to the meanest cannelloni for lunch, from the freshest coffee in the evening to the most decadent dinner – cover it all!

Mind you, “The tastier the food, the naughtier your date scenes get.”

1. The Together-Forever Couple


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It could just be a plain-old story which began in high school, but with time you realize, how that one person is your one and only in the 7 billion in the world. You start calling each other with all those lovey-dovey nicknames ranging from “Snookums” to “Marshmallows to “Honey bear.”

They go through their share of hard times, fights and break-ups every now and then, but in the end you always spot them together at some Subway joint in the nearby market, enjoying their spicy and saucy subs, salads and hot dogs, or just happily sipping away their bubbly bubble tea on dates.

And if their fight turns out to be a major one, then an apology date or a love making date is a must – where they usually gorge on to those home-made sandwiches with a bottle of beer as they cuddle and watch some cute TV series together.

2. Friends With Benefits


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Either their previous relationship was full of pain or they have lost faith in the notions of love. Whatever might be the reason, they always hook up whenever they meet! “Wine, dine and sixty-nine” is what they always have on their mind.

All they need is a few shots of  neat vodka (preferably- Screaming Orgasm) or a bottle of beer with a few slices of home-delivered cheesy pizza to keep it wild.

3. The Travellers


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They are the touristy twosome who want to explore the world together.

Remember that saying about journeys being better than destinations? These couples don’t plan in advance about where to go, how to get there, or what’s the best time for their trip. Because all they care about is each other’s company, a car, lots of good music, travel snacks and visiting beautiful places together.

Drive-through restaurants and gas stations are convenient alternatives to beat any traveler’s hunger pangs, but it’s a big NO-NO for couples who have had enough of same old coffee-lunch-long drive routines.

So, they just plan a picnic with lots of  healthy and car-friendly travel snacks ranging from on-the-go-salad, banana and soy sticks, wraps and frankies and set out on their journey!

4. The PDA Couple


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They are the ones always showing off their love and relationship, not only to each other but also to the everyone else in the whole wide world via their Instagram and Snapchat pictures!

And, when it comes to food, they try to make it way more special, rich and lavish as the more lovey-dovey the food looks like, the more they are able to show off their love through food.

From ordering special heart-shaped pizzas and donuts, to getting fancy cakes which look like their girlfriend or boyfriend’s face, to popping expensive champagnes on each other’s birthday bashes – they do it all in a big way, in order to keep their love life pepped up and popular in the social circles.

5. The Forever Broke Couple


                                                                                                                                                       GIF courtesy of YouTube

Now, they are the ones who know how dates can sometimes be pretty rough on them financially, given that going to a hep place on a Friday night might just burn a pretty big darn hole in their pockets!

Irrespective of being rich or broke, you can still enjoy dates with your partner in so many ways. Either you decide to set a budget for your weekly dates or just chill at home, cook anything delicious together (after all, cooking together is full of romance too!and end up having a serene candle-light dinner under the bright moon light.

If your cooking skills suck, don’t worry and just improvise – go for street food, or just for quaint coffee dates at the cheapest coffee joint in the city, or a local bar for some pocket-friendly fresh drinks. Trust me, frugal will never have felt so amazing before this!