More often than not, when someone starts a crash diet on January 1st, they're setting themselves up for failure. Drastically cutting calories, refusing desserts, and exercising like crazy just isn't sustainable. It's not healthy for your mind or body

That's why so many people are now setting intentions for the new year instead of far-fetched resolutions. Instagram influencers like @leefromamerica are leading the brigade by encouraging followers to focus on making lifestyle changes. Now, we are encouraged to be more thoughtful about why we are changing.

This year, I stumbled upon David Tamarin's new cookbook, called Cook 90: The 30-Day Plan for Faster, Healthier, Happier Meals. The book challenges readers to cook 3 meals every day for 30 days. According to David, it's all about "the power of home cooking, and how we can all do a little more of it."

Here's why I think Cook 90 is the perfect kickstart to a lifestyle change for the better in the new year. 

1. It'll teach you how to cook.

For those of you who've relied solely on your mom and the college dining hall for nourishment thus far, it's about time you learned to cook. I'd recommend starting with How to Feed Yourself, not that I'm biased at all. 

After that, Cook 90 is the perfect introduction to cooking on a regular basis. Most of the recipes have only a handful of ingredients and they're written to be easy and fast. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, you can try switching up certain things like the spices to put a personal twist on any recipe. 

2. You'll add recipes to your repertoire. 

I am always on the lookout for new recipes to add to my weekly rotation. Grocery shopping and food planning gets much easier when you find recipes that you actually enjoy eating over and over. Cook 90 is full of those kinds of recipes. 

One of my personal favorites that I've been making over and over is overnight oats. You throw ingredients in a jar and like magic you have a delicious breakfast waiting when you wake up. 

3. The meal plans are built in.

Cook 90 even includes four, week-long meal plans that detail exactly what to cook on every day. For those of you who, like me, love routine, structure and planning, this section will make you giddy. 

Whether or not you decide to follow the book's meal plans exactly, there are lessons to be learned. Always think ahead so you only need to grocery shop once per week. List what you can prep early, so you can save time when you're #hangry and just want to order out. 

4. Nextovers...

One element of the meal plans is so important I had to set aside a section for it: nextovers. Yes, the term may be corny but the strategy is life changing. If you plan out your meals correctly, or if you're following the meal plan, you can prep extra of certain ingredients that carry over and transform into a new dish later. 

For example, say you're making barley one night to go with your salmon and roasted veggies. You should make two servings extra and skip the seasoning. Then, you can make an entirely new breakfast using the prepared barley, some pesto, and a fried or poached egg. It's half the work without eating the same thing over and over.

5. ... and leftovers.

Contrary to those nextovers from before, leftovers require no extra work. When you find recipes you really love, like those in Cook 90, you probably won't mind eating them multiple times in a row.

I personally find this most helpful for breakfasts and lunches. I'll prep a few extra portions of a lunch salad, leaving out the dressing, and then eat it multiple days in a row. This helps to prevent food waste and saves you time and effort.

6. There's a recipe for every. single. situation.

One of the hardest things about sticking to trendy fad diets is having to give up the foods you enjoy. Life is too short for that. Cook 90 is all about teaching yourself how to cook healthier food on a regular basis that you actually enjoy. No deprivation whatsoever.

It also has some recipes that require extra time for when you're looking for a recipe project. My favorite Sunday afternoon activity is picking a long recipe and hanging out with family as I cook dinner. 

Cook 90 is a cookbook that's more than just a cookbook. It's a how-to guide for kickstarting a lifestyle change for the better. Even if you're not quite adhering to the 90-meal challenge, it's the perfect way to get yourself thinking more about how to enjoy cooking. Your body and mind will thank you.